5 Celebrity Trainers' Top Tips

5 Celebrity Trainers' Top Tips

Want abs as flat as Jennifer Lawrence’s? We hit up Hollywood’s top personal trainers for their secrets to getting a red carpet-worthy bod…

Stand tall
“Good posture is an instant anti-ager and can trim your silhouette in a snap,” says celebrity personal trainer Dalton Wong of Twenty Two Training (twentytwotraining.com), who has whipped Jennifer Lawrence into shape for her silver screen roles. “Breathe through your chest, not your diaphragm – it forces you to stand straight.” And stretch your chest muscles every other day, he advises. “Bend your arm at the elbow at a 90-degree angle, place your palm against a doorframe and turn your head in the opposite direction. Push against your palm until you feel a gentle stretch.”

Hit the bar (no, not that one…)
“One of my favourite ways to better my celebrity clients’ bodies is to get them on the ballet barre doing what I call ‘operation ass’,” says fitness expert Simone De La Rue who works with Naomi Watts and Sandra Bullock. “Leg lifts are your go-to exercise for an all-together perkier bottom.” Can’t find a ballet class near you?  Try this at-home move: “Using the back of a chair for support, stand on your right leg and raise your left leg directly behind you, keeping the leg nice and straight. Lift your leg as high as you can to really engage your glutes, then lower the leg to the floor – repeat 20 times on each leg for a more sculpted behind in no time.”

Don’t ignore those bingo wings
“When you work out the lower part of your body with exercises such as squats and lunges, you must balance it with the same number of exercises for your upper body,” stresses LA-based personal trainer Gunnar Peterson who includes Kim Kardashian amongst his famous client. Why? “By alternating exercises between your upper and lower body you’re forcing your heart to work harder,” he explains. “This means you’re creating an aerobic response, which will get your body burning fat and will boost your metabolism to boot.”

Wear a vest –with weights!
“If you want to increase the efficiency of any workout wear a weighted vest,” swears Valérie Orsoni, Jennifer Aniston’s fitness coach. “One that is fifteen pounds is ideal.”
To get the most from your padded vest try this routine: “Practice an interval cardio and weight training workout,” she says. “So start with 15 minutes of cardio - using intervals here as well: 1 min medium pace, 1 min fast pace – then switch to 10 minutes of strength training targeting one body zone, such as abs. Repeat this routine four times, each time targeting a different body zone during the strength training portion. This is a lot more efficient than 60 minutes of cardio and 40 minutes of strength training because you keep your heart at an elevated level for longer.”

10 is the magic number
Have you been training forever but can’t see any real changes in your body anymore?  “You’ve probably reached a new equilibrium and are cruising in an exercise comfort zone,” says Heartcore Pilates founder and personal trainer Jess Schuring who has trained such A-list beauties as Victoria Beckham and Claudia Schiffer. “Try pushing your boundaries by giving ten per cent more effort to every exercise. That could mean one extra rep or holding a static lunge for 10 extra seconds. I call this the magic ten per cent because I consistently see the biggest changes in myself and my clients when add in that small extra energy we never knew we had!”

By Malena Harbers

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