Why We're Totally Obsessed By 3 Ingredient Recipes

Why We're Totally Obsessed By 3 Ingredient Recipes

Sorry Nigella. No hard feelings Mary. Don't hate us Jamie - but it's all about 3 ingredient recipes these days

Remember those domestic goddess days when it was cool to spend hours glued to an Aga in a Cath Kidston apron? And to go on about how long you’d spent baking cupcakes for everyone at work, ‘ Oh these old things? I was only up till two in the morning trying to get the red velvet mix right!’. Well somehow that all feels a little old now. Smart girls know that a) life’s too short to track down vanilla pods, b) no one ever shows you the bit when Nigella’s lugging all the ingredient bags back from Tesco Metro whilst juggling a phone call from a PPI company offering to pay her compensation for an accident c) we read a book called Why Men Marry Bitches and it might have made us realise that being lazy might actually work out even better for us in the end than being a domestic goddess – soz.

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But then we found probably the best reason in the world to throw away our  Keep Calm oven gloves ( we know, we know, bit basic Bitch) and start embracing the lazy girl's giude to kitchen heaven – and this was? The wonderful world of 3 ingredient recipes. We saw one on YouTube and thought, wow that’s clever. Then we found another, and thought wow, that’s insanely cool. By the time we found the next one we were hooked for life. Just three ingredients? The money we’ll save! The time we’ll get back! The memory space we won’t have to use up remembering bicarbonate of soda!

So here they are, some of our favourites…you're totally welcome.

We died over nutella brownies  - nutella, eggs and flour

We swooned over the 3 ingredient cheesecake  - chocolate, eggs and cream cheese 

We plain flat out lost it over double double chcolate fudge   -  dark chocolate, milk chcolate, peanut butter

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