How David Beckham and Prince George Inspired 2015's Shopping Trends

How David Beckham and Prince George Inspired 2015's Shopping Trends

Who’d have thought that the five products defining 2015 would include the NutriBullet and a garden room?!

John Lewis has released its 2015 Retail Report: How We Shop, Live & Look - and the results are fascinating.

How we shop – celeb inspirations

They may be small in size, but Prince George and Princess Charlotte have been making waves in the world of retail. Prince George is something of a style icon, with his traditional outfits leading to a 69% increase in boy’s navy knitted jumpers and a 60% increase in red cords. Princess Charlotte’s christening in July resulted in a whopping category rise of 175% for John Lewis’s christening range, compared to last year -  that’s a pretty impressive impact at only five months old (watch out Wills and Kate).

As if David Beckham hasn’t caused enough of a stir in the media recently (see the dreamy images from his latest collaboration H&M here), he’s also been a talking point in the John Lewis interiors department, with the nation opting for Moroccan inspired tableware after viewing his extravagant 40th birthday celebrations in Marrakech.

Supermodel Kate Moss’s talents don’t just stop at the catwalk, she’s managed to prompt a 38% surge in preserving kit sales, after announcing at this year’s Glastonbury that she plans to sell her own jam.

How we live – well-being, technology and the outdoors

The nation’s aspiration to be a healthier place is clearly making motions, from holistic approaches such as dietary supplements, comprising of 60% sales for The Organic Pharmacy range, to the Spiralizer, hitting the top five products behind 2015 - swap those carbs for delicious pasta-like zuchinni spirals.

Say hello to retro-inspired home tech; vinyl records and record players have made a comeback, with vinyl album sales up by 69% and record players by 36%. Let’s not forget that super chic Robert’s Revival Digital Radio we’re all lusting after too.

The garden shed, or shall we say, outdoor building, has been a popular purchase choice in 2015 as shoppers focus on creating a stylish outdoor place to lounge. Crane’s range of summerhouses and sheds have increased in sales by 130% this year alone.

How we look – bloggers, vloggers and the seventies vibe

A confident, stylish and self-assured shopper has emerged, much to our delight. We’re all for women who feel empowered to improve their own style. Although still a huge factor in fashion choices, the traditional runway has been overtaken by social media inspirations such as fashion bloggers and beauty vloggers, which is why we feel it’s so important to connect with this young female audience (stay tuned for more info on InStyle's Project 13!).

Denim, blue hues and modern statement pieces have dominated 2015, along with 1970s-inspired pieces such as ponchos, tassels, paisley print, flares and camel coloured accessories, and it looks like they’re here to stay…


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