Why 1Rebel Is This Summer's Hottest Hangout

Why 1Rebel Is This Summer's Hottest Hangout

You may have seen it on Made in Chelsea or spotted it on your favourite fitness blogger's Instagram. Here's why everyone is flocking to London's 1Rebel...


Let me guess, it's just another London gym with a cool name?

Not quite. Yes it's in London and yes it's got a cool name but 1Rebel is definitely not just another gym. Forgot aimlessly running on a treadmill, or staring at the weights section in complete confusion, at 1Rebel you've got two high intensity fitness classes to choose from 'Ride' or 'Reshape,' that will put your usual workout routine to shame. Plus, you don't need to lug an annoying gym kit around with you as towels, water and even makeup remover are provided. And there's no contract to to sign you simply 'pay-as-you-train' by booking each session online. 



So how does it get us bikini body ready? 

'Ride' is essentially spinning but not as you know it. You are a given a pair of spinning shoes AKA cleats, that you clip onto the pedals. These make sure you're feet don't slip around and help target your glutes and core rather than wasting energy on your hip flexors. Once your clipped on, you're good to go. Each session lasts 30 or 45 minutes and when you're not peddaling furiously you'll be lifiting arm weights and feeling the burn, but it seriously whizzes by. All low lighting, strobe effects and banging tunes - think secret rave rather than mundane house party. There's also weekly themed rides like Kanye Vs. The World, 90s Pop, Beyonce vs. Jay Z and Bad Bitches. Plus, live music classes, from drummers, saxophonists and garage MCs. 



'Reshape' does exactly what is says - after a couple of regular sessions, jiggly arms and wobbly thighs will be gone. You are given your own workout station with dumbbells and resistance bands plus treadmill. You then spend four minute stints doing squats, chest presses, frog jumps and other killer moves before jumping on the treadmill for another four minute stint to do interval sprints, upping the gradients and burn factor each time. 

Even singer Jess Glynne is a fan teaming up with Glacéau Smartwater on a #smartrebel workout from the 25th of August for a limited period this summer. Featuring both a 45 minute combined ride and reshape workout with two trainers and synced to one power playlist that's been mixed and produced by Jess you will leave dripping. 

Ok, we're worked up a sweat, what's next? 

It's almost worth the workout just to make the most of the changing rooms. All copper piping, industrial breeze-block walls and exposed bulbs, you'll feel like you've stepped into a Pinterest board. A Smeg fridge is the first thing that greets you packed with ice cold towels smothered in Aromatherapy Associates oils to cool-off with.


There are plenty of showers stocked with giant tubs of products, the changing benches are heated and the vanity area is like the dream dressing table with hairdryers, GHD straighteners and endless beauty products. To refuel head upstairs to the Roots & Bulbs on site bar for cold pressed juices and superfood smoothies. But best of all 1Rebel are all about balance, on Friday evening there's even free prosecco. 



I want that well earned drink. Where do I sign-up? 

Sessions start from £10. Click here to book  and for more fitspiration check out their Instagram


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