Come Get Fit With Us At 1Rebel (Manicures And Cocktails Included)

Come Get Fit With Us At 1Rebel (Manicures And Cocktails Included)

Join the InStyle at London's Hottest Hangout, the high intensity fitness boutique 1Rebel for an evening of working out, manicures, hair braiding and cocktails...

We've teamed up with 1Rebel, London's hottest high intensity fitness boutique for an evening of workouts, manicures, hair braiding and cocktails and best of all we want you to join us too. 

Taking place on the evening of the 16th of July, you can opt to do either a 'Ride' or 'Reshape' class, and afterwards have well-earned Belvedere cocktail, an Essie mani and hair braiding by Hershesons. 

Here at InStyle HQ we're massive fans of 1Rebel (read our review here) as not only can they change your bodyshape after a couple of sessions but they also know how to have fun knowing that it's all about balancing workouts, green juices and prosecco. 



If you love spinning than you'll adore 'Ride' and if you hate spinning 'Ride,' will change your mind. Seriously, it's all low lighting, strobe effects and a banging soundtrack. Your arms get an equal workout too with plenty of hand weight reps. On the 16th we're even going to have a live DJ in the studio so the music is definitely going to pumping alongside your muscles.

'Reshape' is all about resuclpting your body but don't worry it's not just endless sit-ups. Instead you'll find yourself doing 4 minutes stints on a treadmill before swapping to killer body moves like squats, burpees and plank. 

Once you've worked up a sweat you can freshen up in the most instagrammable changing rooms we've ever seen and then head to the on-site bar for that well-earned Belvedere cocktail, Essie mani and hair braiding by Hershesons. 



Tickets including your Essie mani, hair braiding by Hershesons and Belvedere cocktails cost £20 (you'll also get a goody bag packed full of beauty and health treats worth £50) are available to buy from here

See you there! 


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