Thought Your Workout Gear Was Old? Watch 100 Years Of Fitness Clothes In 3 Minutes

Thought Your Workout Gear Was Old? Watch 100 Years Of Fitness Clothes In 3 Minutes

Fitness clothes haven’t always been so sleek…

If you thought your workout gear was old, get ready to throw things back to 1910 with this workout video. What’s your true workout style era? Take a look below…

Workout gear wasn’t always the most practical – back in the 1910s, you’d be hitting the gym (or rather, taking a brisk walk) in leather lace-up boots, a floor length skirt and a blouse. Mmm, comfortable.

Thanks to Coco Chanel, fitness freaks in the 1920s could break a sweat in calf-length bloomers. We’re not sure you’d catch us on the treadmill in that cap, though. 

The 1930s got a little less restrictive as women stepped out to exercise in sleeveless playsuits and two-pieces. Those jazz-style shoes look a lot more workout-appropriate, too.

Victory rolls, a full face of make-up and heeled shoes? We’re not keen on a chiffon blouse to work out in either – just think of the sweat patches…

This fitness outfit is so cute we’d even forgive those heeled mules. Capri pants and a tie-up shirt work in the sunshine, but maybe not the heat of the gym…

FINALLY! The 1960s are starting to get it. Short-sleeved jumpers, trainers and shorts are much better for our fitness kick.

A long-sleeved leotard and not a lot else – the 1970s was all about being free and easy when exercising. 

Who could miss the athletic gear of the 1980s?! Bright colours, bold shapes and ice-white trainers weren’t complete without a sweatband (or three). 

Aerobics made you do it. Primary colours in shiny lurex were cut high, worn with floral cycling shorts underneath.  

To be honest, we’d still wear this gym outfit today. The crop top and leggings combo is still going strong, although those trainers look a little grimey.

Sleek, cut out, slimline, multi-purpose super-performing sportswear is what’s it about right now. This is the look you’d wear to the gym as well as to brunch.

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