10 Delicious Lunches Under 300 Calories

10 Delicious Lunches Under 300 Calories

Want a yummy lunch but need to keep the calories low? We've done the calculating for you... Bon Appétit!

Whether you're working on that bikini body or trying to get wedding dress ready, slimming down doesn't have to mean bland and boring meals.

We've rounded up the 10 most delicious and nutricious lunches under 300 calories that will have you feeling satisfied and energised to take on the rest of your day whilst keeping those pesky pounds at bay.

1. Classic Chicken Noodle Soup at Itsu
There's nothing like a hot soup and guess what - all of Itsu's veggie soups and noodle options are also under 300 calories so why not give them a try too.
243 Calories.

2. Mediterranean Club at Pret A Manger
Tuck into this scrumptious sandwich filled with roasted red peppers, crunchy fresh red peppers, roasted tomatoes, cucumber and fresh spinach leaves.
262 Calories.



3. Salmon Selection at YO! Sushi
Something of a superfood, salmon will help to provide that extra needed focus at work.
215 Calories.

4. Jerk Style Chicken & Mango Salsa Wrap at Marks & Spencer
We bet your mouth is watering just from reading that, get a spicy kick with this flavourful wrap.
300 Calories.

5. SuperClean Quinoa Pot at Leon
A lovely little vegan addition, this quinoa salad is filled with semi-dried tomatoes, peas, cucumber, fresh mint and parsley.
141 Calories.



6. Zero Noodles with Ginger Teriyaki Chicken at Crush
Super beneficial and super appetising, plus it smells heavenly too.
229 Calories.

7. Greek Yogurt with Berries Parfait at Starbucks
Sun is shining, the weather is sweet! It feels like summer with this refreshing treat.
220 Calories.

8. Roasted Tomato & Garlic Pizza at Vapiano
Yes, you too can indulge in some pizza, some very tasty pizza with fresh tomatoes and herbs. Mmmm!
200 Calories.



9. Tuna Nicoise at Chop’d
This protein-packed salad is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.
249 Calories.

10. Thai Green Chicken Curry Soup at Eat
Deliciously fragrant, this soup is made with lime leaves, lemongrass and coconut milk for an authentic flavour. Opt for a Small with no rice.
252 Calories.


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