You NEED To Know About This Gorgeous New Bag Brand

You NEED To Know About This Gorgeous New Bag Brand

We’ve discovered the bag brand that you absolutely need in your life.

I was recently lucky enough to travel to Istanbul where I met Merve and Beste Manastir, the beautiful sisters behind the brand Manu Atelier, and I fell madly in love with their bags. The girls are well-versed in the business of bag design – their father is a bag designer too, and still works with them in their small but perfectly formed atelier in a really cool district of Istanbul – and their simple, incredibly chic designs are testament to this. If what you want from your bag is quality, style and practicality, this is the brand for you.

Maybe you’re looking for the perfect everyday bag that will take you from work through to the evening. In which case, you’ll love ‘Pristine’ – a tall, slim, sturdy shoulder bag based on the design of a camera case. Tall enough for documents and an umbrella, but more slender and compact than a tote. Swoon. 


Or maybe you’ve been searching for the ideal sized rucksack - not an easy task, I can tell you from personal experience - but have struggled to find one of feminine proportions that’s actually cool, too. In which case, meet ‘Fernweh’, which can also be used as a shoulder bag.


Perhaps you’ve been hankering after a practical bum bag for festival season or a holiday, but don’t want to look like your dad on vacation in Florida in the Eighties. Turns out there IS a stylish option in the form of ‘Beli’, a cute purse that comes with the option of a belt (that’s the bum bag bit) or a slender shoulder strap, depending on your mood.


And as for 'Zeal', well, I challenge you to find a little evening bag you want more than this draw-string beauty. I was totally bowled over by these bags, and the only problem with them is you’ll find it REALLY hard to decide which one you want (I went for the ‘Beli’ purse and have hardly taken it off since). So if you want your arm candy to be the talking point of your outfit, bag yourself a piece of Manu Atelier.



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