Yesterday at NYFW: Olivia Palermo’s Amazing Plaits And Kylie Jenner’s Workwear Surprise

Yesterday at NYFW: Olivia Palermo’s Amazing Plaits And Kylie Jenner’s Workwear Surprise

All the gossip from Wednesday at New York Fashion Week

Michael Kors - Buy It Now

A day doesn’t pass where I don’t talk about the way fashion week is changing. Buying directly from the catwalk might not be an entirely new idea but the fact that more brands are getting on board with it - including Michael Kors - just proves the point. Take this lovely cable knit sweater (below), for example; one of 11 items that are totally shoppable right now. Incidentally, my very favourite thing about this show was those elongated Peter Pan collars and enlarged cuffs on the shirt underneath, which came in lots of other colours and patterns, too. 

Major Olivia Palermo Hair Envy #obsessed

I wasn’t the only fashion editor to take a photo of Olivia ‘I Always Look Immaculate’ Palermo’s hair today. Because look at it. It is a thing of wonder. As I was sitting behind her I had plenty of time to observe it and can report that it was comprised of a total of five plaits - some regular three strand, some fishtail - all artfully woven together. As much as I love the thought of her setting her alarm early in order to create it herself, I think we can safely say we have her hair stylist to thank for it. Whatevs, it looks top, Palermo.

Delpozo: One To Watch

In commerical New York, it’s not often you come across a show with the kind of beauty more akin to a couture show in Paris, but that’s exactly what we got at Delpozo. With architectural structured pieces, stunning embellished details and colour combinations to die for, this was one beautiful collection, showed off all the better by the models’ very slow walks. None of this ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ nonsense. If the brand’s designer Josep Font was auditioning for the lead role at Dior, I’d say he did a cracking job.

Kylie Jenner Looked The BOSS

There was a stellar FROW at BOSS, including Rooney Mara and former InStyle cover star and gal of the moment, Emily Ratajkowski, but it was Kylie Jenner who really caught my eye in her oversized BOSS blazer and trainers (NB, they WEREN'T Puma. But she was thoughtfully wearing trainer socks. No stinky feet here). Sure, it’s a bit more Working Girl than we’d usually expect from the reality TV star, but I liked it. Plus it emanated perfectly the cool, modern workwear vibe of the show itself.

Logomania at DKNY

The Public School designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne dished up a large dose of humour with this, the first womenswear collection for DKNY that they have seen through from start to finish (they were appointed to the label mid-way through last season). The finale saw every model don a black sweatshirt with various logos including ‘Don’t Knock New York’ and ‘Designers Know Nothing Yet’. Judging by this collection though, we beg to differ.

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