Why Veloretti Bikes Have Got The Fashion World In A Spin

Why Veloretti Bikes Have Got The Fashion World In A Spin

InStyle's Shopping Editor Robyn Kotze introduces the most stylish bike around...


We've long been looking for that perfectly designed bike for a city lifestyle, that also doesn't cost an arm and a leg. And now we think we've found it. Here's introducing our absolute new favourite... Veloretti Bicycles.

Veloretti is an Amsterdam based manufacturer that offers a BRILLIANT bike for a VERY affordable price. In order to the build the perfect city bike, Veloretti needed to make sure the bikes are maintenance free and as minimalist as possible – there's a reason its tagline is 'simple, clean, affordable.' 

They are made of high quality, rust free aluminium, no gears, a back pedal instead of hand brakes and no cables. The result? A light weight bicycle that is absolutely city proof, and perfect for whizzing to work on. If it's strong enough to survive the streets of Amsterdam (a country with more bikes than people), it can survive anywhere. As well as functionality, design is very important at Veloretti, and we guarantee you'll be won over (if you're not already) when you see the full range of original colours and the brand's beautifully made accessories.

See more and check out our new love and obsession at www.veloretti.com 

By Robyn Kotze / Instagram @robyn_kotze


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