Why I Love Dungarees (And How To Wear Them)

Why I Love Dungarees (And How To Wear Them)

They're a favourite of everyone from Naomi Watts to Alexa Chung, as well as our fashion features editor Hannah. If you haven't discovered the joy of dungarees yet, here's why you should.

I reckon I was the first person to wear a onesie - in a non-baby, non-thermal underwear situation - since the Seventies. Admittedly, the onesie in question was the thermal underwear I wore under my snowboarding gear, but as I was too lazy to take it off at the end of a hard day out on the slopes, I discovered that it was THE MOST COMFORTABLE thing in the world, and proceeded to wear it around the chalet for the rest of the holiday. But even as onesies have evolved into the hooded fleecy versions we're all familiar with seeing, they're still not exactly acceptable daywear. And that, people, is why I love dungarees so much.

Dungarees have all the benefits of a onesie. They are the ultimate in comfort; you don't realise how much your skinny jeans dig in around the hips until you stop wearing them. They have an ever-expanding waistband, which is brilliant if you're a fan of food and drink and often find yourself subtly undoing your trousers when you're out for dinner. And they have a touch of nostalgia about them ("but I never wore dungarees as a child", said no-one ever) without making you look like George Dawes, the overgrown baby from Shooting Stars. But dungarees have an added extra: they are actually stylish.

I like to wear my dungarees with a scoop-necked t-shirt (more flattering if you have bigger boobs) and flat, boyish shoes. Naomi Watts is also a fan of this look. She's rolled hers up at the ankle, whereas I chopped about four inches off mine, but the theory is the same - a slight crop looks really good. Try Topshop for slightly shorter styles.

For a more on-trend look, take a leaf out of Alexa Chung (above) and our fashion editor Amy Bannerman's book (below), and wear your dungarees with an Edwardian-style high necked blouse. I'd still advise a flat shoe unless your dungarees are a wide-leg flare - there's just something a bit wrong about a grown-up stiletto heel with a child-like pair of dungarees - but that frilly collar makes your look totally this season. Head to Zara for something similar.

In the evening, try popping a black lace top underneath like Poppy Delevingne (below) or swap the blue denim for black instead - it instantly makes your favourite all-in-ones feel more dressy. Frame does a brilliant pair that aren't too long and they also come in khaki for something a bit different.

Just watch out for a few pitfalls:

1. Don't team your dungarees with primary coloured stripes (as I did once) or risk having people shout "MORK!" at you in the street

2. Be VERY careful when you go to the loo. A friend once ended up with very wet straps after a drunken trip to the toilet.

3. Never, EVER, wear dungarees to a festival.

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