Why Health Boxes Are The New Beauty Boxes

Why Health Boxes Are The New Beauty Boxes
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From raw energy bars to to protein shakes and detoxifying bodywashes, here's everything you need to know about subscription boxes that come with an extra health kick

So what are they exactly?

Think of them as the health equivalent of a Birchbox or Glossybox. You sign up online and in return for a fee each month or week depending on the company you get a delivery of surprise products.

But is this exciting as a new mascara each month?
Absolutely! From raw energy bars to detoxifying bodywashes and cranberry health shots, these boxes are packed full of goodies. Best of all you know that every product is doing you good.

I'm doing a Gwynnie and not eating sugar, should I bother?
For sure. These boxes are practically made for Goop devotees. Most companies allow you to tailor your preferences so you can even get a box that is vegan, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free if that's what you really want.

Is it really obvious I'm on a health kick?
Not necessarily. Most come in compact boxes that are akin to unwrapping a gift – think lots of tissue paper, cellophane and a card. Plus the products feel indulgent rather than restrictive. It's more "ooh a raw chocolate bar" not "oh a celery stick." There's also loads of new brands to discover so you can feel extra smug when you namedrop the latest kale trend.

Sold! Were can I find them?
Well, naturally we've done all the hardwork. Here's four we love:

The Flowbox

Founded out of the frustration of not being able to find organic, natural and eco-friendly products in supermarkets, founder Anna aims to save subscribers time and energy by selecting a variety of food, household and beauty products for them each month. Every month there's a different theme like Superfood September and you never get the same product twice. If you really like a product you can reorder and they'll reward you. Plus, they donate 1% of their net profit to a charity of your choice.


The Nutribox

Delivering gluten free snack boxes direct to your workplace, the Nutribox is a good option if you find the lure of the 4pm biscuit tin too tempting. Expect fruit crisps, vegetable crisps and moreish dried fruit and nut mixes. Ok so it's not a custard cream, but the effects are much more beneficial.


Primal Snackbox

The UK's first paleo sunscription service, you're guaranteed every snack in the box is grain, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. The original version includes dried cured meats but there's a veggie option available too. They're minimal packaging in slate grey shades is very instagrammable as well.



This one is best for gym bunnies. Simply tell them how you workout and they tailor the snacks to suit your fitness needs. So there's energy bars for long distance runners, protein shakes for muscle builders and hydration tablets for endurance cyclists. We like to think of it as the reward at the end of the finish line each month.


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