The Date Night Outfit Ideas With A Fashion Editor's Seal Of Approval

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Got a hot date but don't have a clue what to wear? InStyle's Fashion Editor shares her date night styling secrets...

Dates are a sartorial nightmare and manage to make even the most fashionably organised of us have a complete wardrobe meltdown. Then you have to factor in the all important part — will you like him? Will he like you? Will you realise after 3 seconds that you can’t stand him? With all this to consider, the last thing you need is to be worrying about is what you're going to wear.

If you ask me, the most crucial thing about your date night attire is to feel comfortable, mainly so you can relax and be your amazing self. One major piece of advice? Don’t wear teetering heels, unless you always wear them, as you'll instantly feel awkward and out of place.

And please, whatever you do, don't feel the need to don a skin-tight dress if it really isn't your thing — when it comes to fashion, men notice more than they let on, and if you keep tugging at the hem of your dress to keep it in place or constantly feel the need to hunch over to disguise post-meal bloat, he will notice. 

So, what should you wear on a first date? Here's what I recommend...

1. A sexy leggy skirt
The colour of this style of skirt doesn’t really matter. It’s all about the thigh slit — you'll feel confident, and he'll take note of that. 
Alexander Wang skirt, £315 Net-a-Porter

2. A classic cashmere sweater
A style staple in my wardrobe. Good for everyday in winter and for cold summer nights.
Frame cashmere sweater, £435, Net-a-Porter

3. The butter-wouldn't-melt cardigan
The important detail is that the neckline is a V shape — it's sexy, without being too try-hard and, to shake things up, I like to wear mine back to front to create a low backed top.
Black V neck cardigan, £16, Dorothy Perkins

4. Form-fitting flares
Super tight, super long, need I say more? A word of caution, wear with a heel.
J Brand Maria high-rise flared jeans, £230, from Matches

5. Butt enhancing Levi’s
The classic true blues. Put simply, Levi’s does good bums.
Levi’s 501 CTs, £95, Levi Strauss

6. Disco shoes
These are the ultimate party shoes. Some say mules are unstylish but they remind me of glamorous old ladies and Studio 54, and will definitely give him something to remember about you without being too OTT.
Gyda mules, £195, Rupert Sanderson

Now, go get him...

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