What’s Your Lingerie Personality?

What’s Your Lingerie Personality?

It’s quiz time! Scroll down to find out what your underwear says about you...

What better way to celebrate the very important annual celebration that is Valentine's Day than with a personality defining quiz? We can't think of one either... 

So, what lingerie personality are YOU?

Question 1

The colour of your pants reveals more than you think. Is your underwear mostly…
a) pink
b) black lace
c) looks like it belongs to Barbie 
d) used to be white but has seen better days

Question 2
Mmmm, bed time. What do you prefer to wear to sleep in?
a) a matching set so long as it’s pink
b) nothing
c) a ridiculously short cropped T-shirt
d) you don’t sleep, you’re too busy fighting aliens

Question 3
Some women dress to feel good, others for practicality. Do you wear the lingerie you do because…
a) it’s pink
b) your man likes you to look sexy
c) it’s weird..but you just woke up wearing it
d) there’s no M&S in space so you can’t buy anything new


If you answered
mostly a) you are a Girl Next Door (Elle Woods in Legally Blonde)
mostly b) you are a Temptress (Crystal Allen in The Women)
mostly c) you are a Fantasy Woman (Lisa in Weird Science)
mostly d) you are a Tomboy (Ripley in Alien)

Happy Val's Day! Now, excuse us while we trot off to Victoria's Secret...

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