VIDEO: What's In The Box? And Other Things That Happened At The InStyle Offices This Week

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What's In The Box, a Pomeranian puppy and cocktails in Milan, InStyle's editor Charlotte Moore on this weeks InStyle highlights...

1. Hot, hot, hot. It was boiling - summer had hit the office and woah the mood was good at InStyle HQ. Suddenly those hazy festival feature ideas made sense. Anyone who'd had some winter sun got their legs out, and everyone who hadn't planned their spray tan strategy. Oh, how hard we worked!!

2. But we'd finished the issue! June - dedicated to summer glamour and with a very special guest editor (more on that next week) was finally put to bed. It's only just April but we're already thinking July and August. Why wish away the summer? Surely we're allowed to pause, just for a sec and think about summer parties, picnics and how we'll be working a white 70s top this season.

3. We talked about A/W 15 trends A LOT. This is the time of the year when we plan our shoots and stories for the next six issues. We get together and argue a bit about the biggest, newest and hottest trends from all the shows we've seen in New York, London, Milan and Paris. And then decide which of them any of us and therefore any of you, will ACTUALLY wear. That really is the tricky bit.

4. We had a visit from Michael Jackson. No, we are not a gang of weird psychic fans, this was Michael Jackson the most delightful Pomeranian puppy ever to have graced InStyle HQ. Nick, our Executive Fashion Director had convinced MJ to do a fashion shoot for us in the photo-booth. So, totally, cute follow him on Instagram now @MJThePom

5. Arabella, Nick and I popped over to Milan for some cocktails and a super chic supper with some of the Italian fashion houses. A delicious way to end the week and to thank everyone who's supported us in the last twelve months. Fabulous.

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