VIDEO: How To Wear Brogues #FridayFlats

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Our fashion features editor Hannah, AKA the flat shoe blogger En Brogue, shows us how to style up masculine brogues

I never wear heels - I don't even own any - so working out how to wear flat shoes has become somewhat of a speciality of mine. And one of the styles that people ask me about the most is brogues.

Brogues are masculine shoes with holes punched into the leather. They were originally designed for Irish men who would have to walk over boggy marshes to get to work, and the holes allowed the water to drain out and dry the shoes. These days though, brogues can be loafers, boots or monk shoes, and they are most commonly flat lace-ups. Not always the easiest thing to wear...

If you're worried about looking frumpy, or short (I'm only 5ft3!) or too masculine in your brogues, then watch my handy styling guide video for advice. When you've figured out how you want to wear them, have a look at my pick of the best available to buy now below. And when you're wearing your brogues, we'd love to see you in them, so tweet at picture of your feet to @InStyle_UK and @EnBrogue with the hashtag #FridayFlats, and I'll share my favourites.

In the video I am wearing a pair of Grenson Emily brogues, and they might just be one of the best pairs of shoes I have ever owned. They literally go with everything. £225,


If you're worried about looking too masculine in brogues, find styles with feminine touches like a flash of colour or metallic details. £99,

I'd always recommend spending a bit more money on real leather shoes, but these from Office are reasonably priced. From experience, I've found them to be good quality and long-lasting, too. £65,

Who says brogues have to be lace-ups? I have these Guything loafers in their Chelsea boot guise and can confirm that they are as comfortable as slippers. What's not to like? £235,

For more advice on styling flat shoes, read my monthly column in InStyle, or head to my blog Tweet me at @HannahRochell and @EnBrogue, and you can find me on Instagram too, @EnBrogue.

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