#Twinning: 11 Times Team InStyle Accidentally Wore The Same Outfit

#Twinning: 11 Times Team InStyle Accidentally Wore The Same Outfit

As pics of people ‘twinning’ – that’s accidentally dressing the same – trends on Twitter, our fashion features ed Hannah looks at the many MANY times it’s happened to Team InStyle

It seemed appropriate for me to write this article, because twinning happens to me incredibly frequently. So often, in fact, that I know it’s referred to as ‘pairlook’ in Japan – a Japanese friend I rarely see informed me of this when she spotted it happening a couple of times in the few occasions we have met. She must think I do it deliberately.

And it’s not just the classic Breton stripe and jeans combo that catches me out, though that happens so often, particularly with my mum, that I don’t even bother documenting it with a photo anymore. No, it’s also the less obvious school-uniform inspired looks with my colleagues. It’s fashion bloggers and their jackets in Milan. It’s even my 72 year-old dad's floral shirts, for heaven’s sake! Of all the people you worry about dressing the same as at a dinner party, the last person you expect is your 72 year-old dad (no offence, Dad).

I’m not sure what it is about me that means I so often end up dressing exactly the same as the people I come across in my life, but it certainly makes for a good laugh. And it’s definitely not just me that it happens to. Here are some of Team InStyle’s favourite #Twinning moments…

That time editor Charlotte Moore and fashion and features writer Chloe Mac Donnell both wore khaki tops, blue jeans and red sandals. Which weirdly happened on the same day as...

...that time deputy editor Emily Dean and editorial assistant Katie Tucker wore literally the same outfit, even down to the geek-chic specs and Gucci loafers

That time most of the team wore Breton stripes and Levi’s to work

That time I dressed like my dad for dinner

That time beauty writer George Driver dressed like the regular at her local

That time I wore the same Marni jacket as this blogger at Milan Fashion Week

That time senior picture ed Charlie Hall came to a shoot dressed like the photographer, Ernesto

That time digital writer Rebecca and her mate Sarah had a pinafore stand-off

That time executive fashion director Nick Spensley and George both wore pink and were this happy about it

That time it was the last day of Paris Fashion Week so fashion director Arabella Greenhill and I literally had no other clean clothes to change into when this school-uniform moment happened

That time I dressed exactly the same as my dog and it wasn't remotely planned, honest

We’d love to see your #twinning pictures too – tweet us @instyle_uk!

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