The 19 Best Zara Shoes For An Under £60 Pay Day Buy

The 19 Best Zara Shoes For An Under £60 Pay Day Buy
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Probably the best drop EVER

None of us can really justify anything more than a couple of purchases a month — what with rent, festival tickets, holidays, the occasional pub trip and Itsu box — so a wardrobe update that costs under £60 is a dream.

Zara shoes are always the one. The clothes are too, obvs, but the shoes are particularly excellent. Whichever over-your-budget style you’ve been eyeing up, they’ll have a pair that’ll fill that hole in a look.

Our favourites are the suede leather pointed flats right now. They’re ideal for that ‘what do you wear with culottes when it’s too cold for sandals and you don’t want to wear heels’ dilemma — a very real problem in the spring months and one which is kind of ongoing, until the occasional pair of sassy flats comes and solves it.

The sandals are also excellent, as per every season. Ditch the flower crowns, anything crochet and anything made of distressed denim — we’re all about nodding to the festival vibe with a pair of pom pom sandals this year.

Mid heels are very cool right now and the high street is doing them (almost) as well as Celine. Zara has all the colours you’d ever want — chic nudes, greys and minimalist white. They’re perfect for the non-heel-wearers who aren’t going to commit to more than an inch or so for a whole day, and – bonus – there’s no reason for carrying your Nikes around!

If you’ve been hearting Gucci’s fluffy loafers (so, everyone) they’ve even got an almost-lookalike slip-on pair of mules. Only £40, so they’ll fill that gap before you can get your shearling Birkenstocks back out again.

Then you’ve got your classic tie-up sandals and espadrilles that we all need for the summer months and holidays — at price points where you don’t have to freak out if you get them muddy.

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