Wimbledon Tennis Style Through The Ages

Wimbledon Tennis Style Through The Ages
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Anyone for fashion?

It’s that time again: Wimbledon tennis is upon us - and what better way to mark the occasion than with a round-up of tennis’ evolving style over the decades?

From lace up corsets and petticoats to flapper length skirts, fur-trimmed coats and floppy hats and onwards to 1930s culottes and sixties mod-minis: racket style has never shied away from changing trends – or battling strict dress codes.

This year is no exception. Last week, Nike was forced to embarrassingly recall its women’s tennis dresses after female players complained that they were too short and revealing, hampering their play. The ‘Nike Premier Slam’ dress even forced some players to drastically improvise with hair-bands (used niftily as a belt) and knee-length leggings.

Tradition matters at Wimbledon and its strict all-white dress code still defines its classic look and feel. Think Katharine Hepburn in a tasteful pair of high-waisted shorts. Classy, guys, always classy. Which isn’t to say female players haven’t had their fun playing by the rules, however – au contraire.

Who could forget Billie Jean King in her button-down mini dress and Adidas trainers, or Steffi Graf rocking those iconic bandanas? And what about former world no.1 Caroline Wozniacki, nailing Adidas by Stella McCartney?

Not forgetting the Williams sisters. Champion players - Venus and Serena - both take their fashion game very seriously, keenly designing their clothes for both on and off the court. In 2008, Serena nearly broke the internet when she wore a white trench coat during the warm-up for her opening match; and, in 2011, sister Venus got us all pining after her cute playsuit and visor combo.

Suffice to say Wimbledon fortnight has never disappointed us with its on-court style. Here are just a few of our favourite looks through the years.

Game, set - and match.

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