Wide Leg Trousers: How To Wear This Season's Oversized Palazzo Pant...

Wide Leg Trousers: How To Wear This Season's Oversized Palazzo Pant...

Wide leg trousers are in for summer and we’re not just talking a slight excess of fabric around the knees, we mean seriously oversized.

Championed by the FROWers, like Leandra Medine (a.k.a The Man Repeller, above), wide-legged was the trouser silhoutte de choix at fashion week.

While Olivier Rousteing sent billowing pleated styles down the runway at the Balmain show, the trousers at Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein were a classic tailored pant – but wider and more fluid.

Though it seems like one of those look-but-don’t-try-trends, the wide leg trouser is actually surprisingly easy to master.

As the weather warms up and your go-to tailored trousers see you shifting uncomfortably on public transport as you try to pull the hem over that pale lower calf, the practicality of the flowy swishy IT trouser becomes apparent. Who doesn't want to sashay onto the tube like an elegant Charlotte Rampling-esque character?   

While the versatility of the tailored trouser is well documented, we’d argue the wide leg is actually - dare we say - more so. Not only are they suitable for the office, but the wide-legged trouser's got holidays, weddings, parties and sunny weekend strolls covered too.

Not convinced? We looked to the A-listers for their take on the trend… 

How to wear the wide leg trouser for: work

Amber Heard didn't shy away from the seriously wide leg pants at the Tribeca Film Festival, and the statement look was a hit. If you're wearing a suit, ensure you keep the jacket cinched in (as seen at Marc Jacobs) to avoid a totally swamped look and don't be scared for the hems touching the floor (a la your 14-year-old self).

How to wear the wide leg trouser for: a party

Olivia Wilde glammed up the wide leg trouser on the red carpet with a sequin top. If sparkles aren't your thing, swap in a structured crop top or tucked in silk shirt. Note: The perfect length of trouser, to skim the floor over a pair of heels. 

How to wear the wide leg trouser: at the weekend

Obviously anything Caroline de Maigret wears will immediately transform into a picture of Parisian chic, but the wide leg trousers with an effortless open-collar shirt tucked in is a winning day-to-night look. 

Wide leg trouser rules:

1) Don't totally cover your waist or you'll oversize yourself. If you're wearing a jacket, cinch it in or keep your tops cropped or tucked.

2) This is a trend for any size. As long as you ensure the waistband cuts at your smallest point, the trousers will flatter and lengthen your pins.

3) Don't worry about your trousers skimming the floor, as heinous as the prospect may seem at first.

4) No size is too oversized...


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