What Fashion Editors REALLY Wear To Fashion Week

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With the biggest industry names and celebs on the FROW and a street style photographer on every corner, everyone wants to look their best at fashion week. And who better for a few tips than InStyle's fashion editor Amy Bannerman?

It might look like we're just swanning around having fun at fashion week...OK, it IS really good fun, we're not going to lie, but it's also pretty hard work. So what you wear is as much about being comfortable as it is about looking great. Whether she has a 12 hour day of back-to-back appointments, a full schedule of shows followed by dinner with the boss, or a stint as a backstage reporter, Amy Bannerman's outfits are the most important thing to get her through the working day. She considers everything before getting dressed: heels have to be just the right height so she can still walk at midnight; looks have to be warm enough, and glam enough, to see her through to the evening; the last thing she wants is a massive bag that she'll be tempted to overfill with stuff she doesn't need #backache

What we're saying here is, don't believe everything you see on Instagram. Those people dressed in bonkers outfits and eye-wateringly high heels hanging around outside the shows often aren't actually working. Attending fashion week involves writing show reports, making notes on the trends you spot, running InStyle's social media, making videos and all sorts of other stuff. So we need to be chic, yes, but we also need to be practical. Here are Amy's top items to see her through fashion week in style.

1. Chic Flats

Wear heels at your peril, people! Not only will your feet ache at the end of the day, but the new BFC venue at Brewer Street car park has a REALLY steep slope that you have to walk down to get out. Heels + slope = more steep. It's just maths. So flats are a way more practical option. Choose a pair with a pointy toe for a classic look that will never go out of style.

Isolde Flat Pointy Pumps, £545, Rupert Sanderson

2. The suede coat

The suede trench is THE coat of the season. Throw it over even the most casual outfit and suddenly it will have the wow factor. Just make sure you spray it with suede protector before you leave the house in case you get caught in a rain storm.

Premium Suede Trench Coat, £250, Topshop

3. The big sunglasses

Fashion week might mean work, but it also means PARTIES! So massive sunglasses are essential to hide tired eyes. They also just so happen to look really cool. Amy likes frames with a feline feel, like these from Miu Miu.

Miu Miu Noir Sunglasses, £225, Coggles

4. The day to night boots

Oh HELLO silver boots! You'd be surprised how much these babies go with (like, everything). Not only that, a sturdy block heel like this will see you good when you're partying at 1am WAY better than a spindly pair of stilettos.

Camilla Elphick Silver Lining Leather Boots, £679, Luisa Via Roma


5. The cashmere jumper

Ask any fashion editor what they couldn't live without and a plain navy cashmere sweater is likely to be top of the list. While we love Anna Dello Russo's flamboyant wardrobe, for most of us, less is definitely more.

Simple Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper, £89, Marks And Spencer

6. The denim jacket

To say that Amy is a massive denim fan would be an understatement (she even writes a blog about it called The Jeanius) so it comes as no surprise that a denim jacket is part of her essential fashion week repertoire. This one is from one of her favourite designers (and fellow denim fanatics) Marques'Almeida. 

Marques'Almeida Slim Fit Frayed Denim Jacket, £275, Matches

To see what Amy and the rest of the InStyle team are up to over fashion week, be sure to follow us on Twitter @instyle_uk and Instagram @instyleuk and online too. 

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