31 Things You Only Know If You Wear Black 24/7

31 Things You Only Know If You Wear Black 24/7

We’re into all black everything and NOTHING else

Wearing all black is a way of life, but sometimes, people just don’t get it. Calling you Wednesday Addams and thinking it’s an insult? HA! She’s only your ultimate style inspo…

But enough of the compliments – hands up who feels the 31 things you’ll only know if you’re into wearing all black 

1. Your worst fear is that your black doesn’t match
2. People don’t understand but there are SO many shades
3. When things turn out to be dark grey or navy blue instead of black… (shudder)


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4. You’re hot in summer, but it’s worth it
5. And at least you don’t have to pack up your winter wardrobe
6. You can never find anything in your wardrobe
7. …because it all looks the same


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8. And getting ready for a night out leads to a sea of black on your bed
9. Blue jeans? Now that’s a step too far
10. Pets and black do NOT mesh well
11. You get called a goth, but that’s actually #goals

12. Wedding guest dressing is a struggle
13. You wish EVERYTHING came in black
14. So immediately filter everything by colour when you’re shopping online

15. When people ask what you’re wearing…
16. You can spill stuff all over yourself and nobody knows…
17. Unless it’s toothpaste
18. Those black jeans you wear every single day? You can totally get away with it

19. You never need to separate washing by colour
20. That is, if you do wash your clothes
21. You have been known to hand wash stains to avoid the dreaded colour fade
22. You Instastalk Wednesday Addams for style inspo

23. Nothing in your wardrobe ever clashes
24. The black love spreads to lipstick, eyeliner, nail varnish…
25. Black is always the new black
26. You’re so over being asked if you’re going to a funeral

27. Yes you DO mix things up – with lace, velvet, denim…
28. Day to night dressing? Just add lipstick
29. You flirt with colour, but only paired with black
30. Your most used phrase: ‘Does this come in black?’
31. You’ll stop wearing black… when they make a darker colour (Vantoblack, where are you?!)

Is wearing all black why we love boys in bands, too?!

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