Vegan Shoes And Bags: The Non-Leather Brands You’ll Actually Want To Wear

Vegan Shoes And Bags: The Non-Leather Brands You’ll Actually Want To Wear
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Vegan shoes and accessories that are actually stylish can be difficult to find, so we’ve done the hard work for you – these are the best best vegan fashion brands in the UK, that even the most hardened carnivore will be desperate to wear...

Vegan shoes can be downright frumpy, but ethical fashion doesn’t need to be so unstylish. Accessories brands are finally catching on to the fact that women who hate leather can still love fashion, and are just as interested in a roomy tote or red-carpet heel as the next girl – we’re just not ready to forget our ethics for it. Fashion-loving vegans don’t want to compromise on quality, and while we totally understand that leather is staple shoe fabric for a reason, the alternatives on offer are getting better and better everyday. There’s a leather-free option for every price tag, too.

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While Stella McCartney has been the undoubted queen of ethical fashion for the past twenty years, refusing to use any animal products for her in-demand shoe and bag collections, there are options for all price ranges if you’re looking to get your hands on vegetarian shoes. Beyond Skin are our go-to for green carpet ready heels and chic flats. 

Covetable vegan handbags aren’t in short supply, either. LaBante and Matt & Nat have a huge range of totes, backpacks, clutches and purses for every occasion, and Matt & Nat even have a shoe range coming soon. Iconic clutch brand brand Wilby take things a shade brighter with bold leopard-print and Crayola brights, and have expanded into a wider range of styles – seriously, the choice for vegan shoppers is bigger than you think. Want something even bolder? Poppy Lissiman is your go-to brand. 

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Now we’re going to let you in on a secret – we know a secretly vegan-friendly fashion brand you already shop with. Drum roll please… it’s ASOS! Did you know you can filter shoes and accessories by ‘leather’ and ‘non-leather’? This little trick takes all the hassle out of online shopping; instead of scouring product details, praying to see pleather, just tick a box and shop. One more thing - did you know Dr Martens also do a vegan range of classic boots? Shop them quick while they're in stock. Bourgeois Boheme have a great range of shoes too, from stompers to sandals.

We’re seriously spoiling you with all this insider info. Vegan fashion doesn’t need to be daunting when you know where to look, and you really won’t believe it’s not leather...

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