The (Under £60) Skate Shoe The Celeb Insta-Crowd Are Obsessing Over

The (Under £60) Skate Shoe The Celeb Insta-Crowd Are Obsessing Over

It's (STILL) all about going Old Skool

A new season is here and, with it, the usual trans-seasonal footwear dilemmas. It happens every time — right about now when it becomes socially unacceptable (and physically impossible) to wear sandals, and when the weather warms up and the prospect of a pedi at the weekend and packing away your Acne boots seems like a sensible thing to do.

Going sans sandals leaves quite the hole in your life: what shoes to wear with culottes? What do you wear on the days it’s that bit too cold for your Birks (and don’t fancy a sock and sandal combo)?

The search for the new casj shoe has been found in the Vans Old Skool. For those of you who sacked off skate shoes a while ago, likely transitioning to Converse when you turned into a proper (questionable) adult (sadly, unquestionable), they’ve had a revival.

Fifty years after the launch of the — now ridiculously famous — Off The Wall collection, they’ve still got their skate clientele but also a whole new load of fans in the fashwan and film world too.

K-Stew’s suddenly found her ‘look’, after years of agreeing to wear Louboutins then ditching them pre-red carpet, and now counts them as a must with her Levi 501s, t-shirts and Chanel. (You can’t really beat it.)

If you've not got that grungy style down, don't veto the Van. They've had the Instagram crowd's seal of approval, popping up at fashion week with very un-skater ensembles. Veronika Heilbrunner wore them with pretty much every look at SS17 fashion month — with a black cut-out dress then a layered dress, tee and cropped jean combo.

Here are the pairs to shop:

1. Classic Black

High or low, up to you — Alexa's got the boot style, if that's a deciding factor, but shoes are more versatile when it comes to smartening them up.

(Buy for £52 from Vans)

2. Not Black (Liike White Or Even Red)

Until now, the black versions have been the go-to but we're thinking white for summer, maybe with a sporty sock. Or if you want a colour popping red pair, which can look very cool (if you're a bleached blonde mega babe like K-Stew) but are definitely a little trickier.

(Buy for £59.99 from Offspring)

3. Supreme x Vans Collab

First thing's first, these sold out on the day they launched but ooooo aren't they jazzy?

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