14 Ways To Totally ROCK That Turban

14 Ways To Totally ROCK That Turban
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Not sure how to nail the look? We’re here to help…

I totally get it. A turban can be a scary accessory to work with. Sure, we all want to look like fabulous Joan Collins copycats; lounging by a pool in Cannes, kaftan a-go-go, cocktail in hand. In reality, there’s always the niggling fear that we’ll rock up at the pub looking like we’re wearing some kind of terrifying, latex swimming cap we forgot to remove.

I’m guessing fear usually wins – but it really shouldn’t. They're a lot simpler than you think - just treat them like a headband and stop over-thinking. They’re meant to be FUN!

My fascination with turbans owes a lot to Audrey Hepburn. Well, Sabrina Fairchild and Holly Golighty to be exact, and I guess both of these fictional women sum up my attitude to how they can be worn. Whether you're looking for something inexpensively glamorous to shake up your evening wardrobe, or an everyday accessory to add a quirky lift to your t-shirt and jeans combo during the day - a turban could be the answer.

Having a bad hair day? Just tuck those strands behind your ears and pop one on. For those with a fringe - you can even pin it back and try life without one for a day. Dreaming of a Studio 54 vibe? Why not try something with a few sequins. I like to pin a vintage brooch on the front, or side, for a bit of Elizabeth Taylor glamour. And velour always looks good when you're out and about, both day and evening.

Whether it’s styled up to make an impression (as Sabrina did in 1954 rocking a pleated pearl-grey Givenchy number); or dressed down and casually knotted (in *that* Breakfast at Tiffany’s scene, strumming Moon River whimsically on a New York fire escape) there are no hard and fast rules.

Don’t believe me? Plenty of celebs have given turbans a go – and all of them have looked pretty cute rocking theirs. Why not you too? Granted, few of us could safety-pin some towelling round our head and look as effortlessly chic as Hepburn in Tiffany's. But then again, few of us could dangle precariously on a windowsill humming Henry Mancini without risking some kind of death-defying freefall. That doesn’t mean it has to be a tricky trend to avoid at all cost.

But enough from me: here's Kate Moss, Grace Kelly & co to show you how to rock a turban. No fear!

Ready? Let's go...

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