The Style Lessons We've Learned From Instagram

Instagram isn't only there so we can compare our lives to people with free-standing baths and cute dogs – it's also our go-to platform for style inspiration. Here's some lessons we've learned...

Instagram takes up about half of the average human’s waking hours. That’s not actually true, at all, but it does feel about right so much time do we spend scrolling through our feeds.

As well as getting house and life envy from everyone rich and/or famous, the social media platform is great for picking up styling tips. But it's not only celebrity red carpet looks that we're mildly addicted to looking at - we like the grassroots blogger snaps, because that’s where the style magic really happens.

Here are 7 lessons we've learned from some of Instagram's finest this season:


1) You don't have to stick with one outfit anymore...

Raw-edged pseudo-naked banana-peeling some time this week @gavrielmaynard_ #MBFWA

A post shared by Margaret Zhang 章凝 (@margaret__zhang) on


Whether it's a skirt layered over trousers or an off-the-shoulder top over a shirt (or both, if you're Margaret Zhang), don't worry about choosing which of your clothes you want to wear anymore. The more the merrier.


2) How to get more wear out of your shirts...


You wouldn't have thought it possible, but you know those shirts you've worn day in day out for years? You've been wearing them WRONG. Well, maybe not wrong but there are other ways. Take Leandra Medine a.k.a The Man Repeller, for example, wearing her classic striped shirt in an altogether more summery way. Noted.


3) Rope belts are a thing...


Though you might be tempted to place rope belts in the same compartment as fabric belts, they're not - repeat, not - the same thing. While fabric belts conjure images of your teenage self dragging around wide leg trousers with soaking ripped hems, rope belts are the accessory for this summer's chic, nautical look. Wear with denim.


4) There's no such thing as too androgynous...


Don't feel as if you need to give every suited and booted look a feminine touch. Sometimes, a head-to-toe androgynous look is the right way to go. Take Candela Novembre, for instance; her timeless tailored separates, white shirt and flats is the perfect work look.


5) You can belt anything...

Tarty party 💥

A post shared by Camille Charrière (@camillecharriere) on


Want a little more definition to your look? Belt it. Whether it's a kimono, a scarf or a jacket, a medium-sized leather belt is the perfect accessory to cinch it in for a more polished look. 


6) Everything can be denim... Apart from your gladiator sandals


For SS15, denim is having a massive revival (if you can call it that, given its never really gone away). The timeless fabric, usually saved for jeans and the occasional skirt, is suddenly EVERYWHERE. Shirts, dresses, dungarees - you can have all the denim you want. And don't be afraid to wear all your denim at once. Always best paired with Chloe sandals, but any gladiators will do. 


7) Just, stripes...

I'm a sucker for stripes 😎 #TheBlondeSaladGoesToMaldives

A post shared by Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni) on


Not only are they arguably the most timeless print trend, but stripes are especially big for SS15, and you can't wear too many. As proved by Chiara Ferragni, matching striped separates make for a dreamy summer look. 

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