Pear Shaped

The classic British body type, your figure has full, curvy hips with narrower shoulders. Seek balance from your swimwear by choosing styles that draw attention to your upper half.

Melissa Odabash suggests: “For this shape I love over the shoulder suits as it broadens your shoulders. You can move the straps out far on the shoulders so it matches where the hips are.”

Meanwhile Heidi Gosman notes: “There is a common misconception that a larger brief is better for a larger bottom but this is wrong. A larger brief will accentuate the area rather than disguise so opt for something well fitted. A fold over brief will compliment the waist and help to balance out the proportions of the body.”

Look to styles like Boden’s Chic bikini where you can mix and match the top and bottom half. With a hidden underwire and flattering twist ruffle, it will maximise your top half while simple, fold over briefs contain your bottom half.

Chic Bikini Top, £25, Boden

Chic Bikini Bottoms, £22, Boden

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