Sportswear Just Got Chic: How To Work Your Gym Kit Into Your Everyday Wardrobe

Sportswear Just Got Chic: How To Work Your Gym Kit Into Your Everyday Wardrobe

Whether you're a gym bunny, a morning runner, a weekly class goer or only now starting to be more active, choosing the right gear can actually be the fun bit. Shopping Editor Robyn Kotze shows us how you can still be chic in sweatpants

Pedal Power

Why it works? These jeans, with a higher waist at the back and reflective strips on the turn-ups, are specifically designed for cycling.

Tip: Visibility gets chic; cue fluoro jacket and metallic rucksacks. Make sure your shoes have a good grip.

Credits: Jacket, Hunter; top, TopShop Unique; jeans, Levi's; helmet, Sahn; rucksack, Monki; trainers, Stella McCartney for adidas

Pilates Queen

Why it works? Layering is key - it's always hard to gauge how warm it's going to be when you're lying on a mat on the floor.

Tip: Skate shoes are the perfecr slip on/slip off shoe. Invest in quality wool leggings, you will never regret it.

Credits: Bra, Freya at FigLeaves; top, Zoe Karssen; jacket, Stefanie Biggel; trousers, Madeleine Thompson; bag, MM6; shoes, Senso

Perfect For Your PLIE

Why it works? Adult ballet classes are big news. Even if you didn't have lessons as a child, it's hard to resist wearing pastel pink to class now.

Tip: Add shades of grey and khaki for a bit of edge. Loose bottoms are perfect for your warm up.

Credits: Headbands, Gigi Burris; tank top, River Island; long sleeve top and bottoms, Madeleine Thompson; rucksack, Radley; pumps, Repetto

Anyone for Tennis?

Why it works? There's nothing about this look not to love. Sporty dress, trainers, long socks - tennis is a 2015 style dream.

Tip: Stan Smith are the best-selling tennis shoes of all time. And perenially cool.

Credits: Visor, Monreal; socks, Pringle; dress, Monreal; hoodie, Nike; racket case, Monreal; trainers, adidas

On The Run

Why it works? Don't be a fair-weather jogger; this light weight mac will keep you dry and is made of mesh fabric, so it's breathable too.

Tip: Wear the jacket over your normal clothes as well. Stick to a cool monochrome palette.

Credits: Bra top, adidas; jacket, Monki; leggings, adidas; bottle, Sports Direct; trainers, Nike


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