Stop Searching! We Answer Google’s Most Asked Fashion Questions Of 2015

Stop Searching! We Answer Google’s Most Asked Fashion Questions Of 2015

The most asked fashion questions of 2015 just landed (thanks, Google), and it looks like we’ve had some major wardrobe dilemmas this year. But don’t fret! We’ve got all the answers you need to know

1. How To Walk In Heels?

This one’s easy. If you can’t walk in heels by now, all we can say is you either a) practice or b) ditch them altogether. InStyle’s Fashion Features Editor Hannah Rochell (aka flat-shoe blogger EnBrogue) is firmly against the stiletto, and thinks you should be totally smug if you're wearing flat shoes today.

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2. What To Wear On The First Day Of School?

We might be out of our school days by now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take some uniform inspiration from TV’s finest students. Go preppy with Gossip Girl-style ribbon neckties (so on trend) and plaid skirts, or take Scream Queens style inspo in a rainbow of feathered jackets, jacquard co-ords and daytime sequins.

3. How To Fray Jeans?

Distressed denim has been big news in 2016, and if you’re looking to DIY a frayed hem we’ve got some news for you – it’s super easy. Use a sharp pair of scissors to hack the hem off, and then use a pin or tweezers to pick out the white thread. The fray will intensify with time. If you're into DIYing your denim, we have your ultimate guide to customising your jeans.  

4. How To Tie A Shirt?

"You don't, unless you're under the age of 15" says Fashion Assistant Emma Hargadon, but if you DO want to, it's easy - just undo the bottom few buttons until you have enough fabric to make a knot. Tie these together and wear with a high-waisted skirt or cigarette trousers, or jeans for casual cool.   

5. What Should A Bride Wear To The Rehearsal Dinner?

The rehearsal dinner might be an American tradition, but if K-Middy is doing it, so can we. You've got to look amazing (obviously), but you want to save your best for the big day, so go for something chic and simple, like a slip dress with a  blazer – you can take some tips from the new rules of wedding guest dressing.

6. What To Wear Booties With?

Translation: booties are actually ankle boots, and you can wear them with ANYTHING. Team with cropped jeans and a button down shirt, advises InStyle Fashion Assistant Emma Hargadon. We’re dreaming wearing them with floral dresses and bare legs in summer.  

7. What Are Mules Shoes?

Take a trip with us back to the ‘90s, where Carrie Bradshaw had more mules than she’d had hot dinners (probably literally). The mule is basically a backless shoe, and can be flat or heeled. Think boudoir feathered slippers for retro inspiration, but switch to a block heel for this year’s update.

8. What To Wear To A Wedding In The Woods?

If they’re getting married in the woods, chances are this wedding is boho. First things first, flat shoes or heeled boots are a must. Stilettos in the mud are NOT cool. Steer clear of suede and other damageable fabrics. Secondly, go for shorter lengths that end just below the knee, or a trouser suit. These boho wedding dress designers might give you some inspo. 

9. How To Dress Up Like Miranda Sings?

Don’t know who Miranda Sings is? The American YouTube sensation is known for her distinctive look, and stealing it for yourself is simple – overline your lips, then apply red lipstick with your eyes closed. Drag out those coloured tracksuit bottoms you only wear at home with your parents, and add an equally offensive sweatshirt (all cat embroideries welcome). Done!

10. What Colour Shoes Goes With A Black And Blue Dress?

The clue's in the question. Black goes with pretty much everything, says InStyle's Fashion Assistant Emma Hargadon, or opt for metallic. Tan looks good in the summer, too. PS - your grammar, not ours. 

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