19 Struggles You’ll Only Feel If You Wear Indian Clothes

19 Struggles You’ll Only Feel If You Wear Indian Clothes

Indian clothes might look great, but we’re not so keen on the sequin rash…

Indian clothes are all about glitz and glamour, but after the pictures have been taken, who really enjoys the lack of pockets and your chunni dipping in your dahl? InStyle’s desi Digital Assistant predicts the oh-so-Indian problems you're about to experience… 

1. First of all, have you ever tried to put on a salwar kamez?! Prepare to get the sequins caught in your hair, and scratch your face.
2. In fact, you’ll probably get a sequin rash on your entire body.
3. And when you try to tie those extra-loose salwar trousers, you will lose the string inside the waistband and have to fish it out with a hook.
4. If you’re wearing a sari blouse, you could easily end up with overly-tailored pointy boobs. 
5. And does anyone actually know how to tie a sari anyway?! 

6. Going to the toilet is about to get a lot more diffcult.
7. You’ll never have any shoes that go with your outfit. Unless you’ve planned ahead, the struggle is real when it comes to finding footwear that works with a salwar kameez.
8. Unless you happen to have a pair of glitzy gold kitten heels lying around…
9. But don’t bother wearing your nicest shoes if you have to take them off (#templelife). I’ve seen them get stolen.

10. You can forget about pockets, too.
11. Pack everything in that tiny bejewelled handbag you’re carrying.
12. As for outerwear? Please someone explain what the hell kind of coat works with a beaded turquoise and gold floor length lengha.

13. Be careful of colour run on your white underwear, too. 
14. Your earrings will be so heavy you’ll feel them ripping off your ears.
15. And your chunni will constantly get in your face/ mouth/ food.
16. (Btw, food that will stain anything it touches).

17. If it rains, RUN. 
18. Fan of neutrals? Sunshine yellow is the mildest shade in Indian attire.
19. Your minimalist ways won’t fly here. You might get away with a chic navy tunic for daywear, but night-time is all about the embellishment.

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