Why The Slip Dress Is The One Thing You Need To Buy RN

Why The Slip Dress Is The One Thing You Need To Buy RN

It’s the answer to this irritatingly changeable weather. Here are 6 ways to wear it…

The slip dress has been around forever, but it’s not all about the slinky little sandal look anymore — if, indeed, it ever has been.

It’s the thing to buy right now — it’s a fave of the Instagram cool girl as well as being the most wearable thing (that should be) in your wardrobe now the weather is having a classic Brit moment aka changing seasons on a day-to-day basis.

It’s ultra-sassy and undeniably sexy but if, like us, you’re not a fan of being basically naked in public, there are ways to wear even the most lingerie-ish of styles so you don’t feel ridiculous.

From Kendall and Emma Roberts to Pernille Teisbaek and Leandra Medine, these Insta-icons show us the cool ways to wear the slip dress – from layering to footwear – in every weather.

1. 90s Classic: The T-Shirt

This look can be done for AM or PM, from brunch to bar or for a throw-on-and-go festival look. It’s a classic 90s vibe that you can wear with Converse casj or (apparently) over-the-knee boots for a dose of sass.

2. Inbetweener: The Long-Sleeved Top

The sleevy tee is a tricky one at the best of times — avoiding wearing it in a way that doesn’t make you look like ‘Dad on a ski holiday’ — but the slip dress balances it out for a pretty chic look which is ideal for those days when you don’t know whether’s going to be sunny or dreary.

3. Insta-Cool Girl: Over A Jumper

Pioneered by The Man Repeller, the sweater under slip is one of the most challenging but the most rewarding in this ridiculous changeable weather. It’s all about a skinny knit, preferably with a roll neck and no shorter than mid-length so it doesn’t look strangely imbalanced.

4. Bar Vibes: With Over-The-Knee Boots

Arguably not for everyone (i.e. not for anyone unless your surname is Kardashian or Jenner) but it’s a pretty glam way to get your slip dress ready for out, we think you’d agree.

5. For Sunday Brunching: Under A Jumper

This layering is a bit kinder in this uber-changeable weather so you don’t get stuck under a layer of Merino Wool up to your ears AND silk down to your mules on the tube. (Uch, hashtag nightmare.) What you get in versatility you slightly lose in polished chicness but ideal for a brunch vibe. And BONUS - the casjness makes slightly sheer acceptable.

6. The Ultimate Dress Down: With Converse

Championed by Chung, a pair of sneaks is the secret to making sexy wearable. It’s hardly groundbreaking; you can apply the theory to anything that makes you look naked or more-than-comfortable levels of girly, but it works.

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