16 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are So 2015

16 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are So 2015

Zombie David Cameron Pig, Elderly Han Solo or Bad Blood squad member?

Top tip: if any of these don't feel scary enough, just put a 'Zombie' in front and add loads of pale make-up and fake blood. 

1) Dr Foster

You will need: 1 scarf, 1 long blonde hair and 1 pink lip balm

Great for... a costume you can assemble in minutes 

2) Charlize Theron in Mad Max

You will need: 1 muddy tank top, 3 leather belts, 1 pair cargo trousers, 1 fake gun, 1 hockey shoulder pad, 1 pot black face 'dirt' 

Great for... don't-mess-with-me Halloween chic 

3) Dead Jon Snow

You will need: 1 black outft, 1 piece black sheepskin (for shoulders), 1 black leather belt to criss-cross across chest, 5 fake stab wounds, 1 pot white powder for 'dead' face 

Great for... sparking 'but is he REALLY dead?' debates with your party guests

4) Elderly Han Solo

You will need: 1 white shirt, 1 black jacket, 1 pair of blue trousers, 1 pair of flat black knee-high boots, 1 tub of talcum powder (for grey hair) and 1 zimmer frame 

Great for... Star Wars jokes

5) Zombie David Cameron Pig

You will need: 1 pig mask, 1 tube of fake blood and make-up to 'zombify' the pig's head 

Great for... topical laughs 

6) Taylor Swift Bad Blood Squad Member

You will need: 1 leather mini dress / bra top / shorts, 1 giant hand-held rocket launcher

Great for... a co-ordinated team effort

7) Cersei and 'Shame nun'

You will need: for Cersei - 1 nude body suit, 8 handfuls of mud, 1 pot fake blood. For the accompanying nun - 1 nun outfit and 1 bell. 

Great for: a two-person outfit

8) Sean Miley Moore From The X Factor

You will need: 1 leather baseball cap, 1 pair dangly earrings, 1 silk dressing gown, 1 wide waist belt, 1 pair of 7-inch platform boots, 1 microphone, 1 stick dark plum / red lipstick

Great for... a halloween costume that still looks hot 

9) Javier From Narcos

You will need: 1 stick-on handlebar moustache, 1 pair of flared jeans, 1 brown leather jacket, 1 light yellow shirt, 1 pair of tinted aviators

Great for... Netflix addicts  

10) Ruth From The Apprentice

You will need: 1 bright patchwork suit, 1 striped pink shirt 

Great for... office to party potential 

11) Ian from Bake Off

You will need: 1 light green hoodie, 1 apron and 1 rolling pin

Great for... knocking up some food in the kitchen before guests arrive

12) Ulcer Explosion Earl Of Grantham

You will need: 1 1920s dinner suit, 1 large bottle of fake blood 

Great for... a white tie dress code  

13) Simon Cowell

You will need: 1 pair of mirrored aviators, 1 pair of high-cut flared blue jeans, 1 pair of Cuban heels, 1 tiny dog

Great for... giving your guests a proper scare 

14) A Suffragette

You will need: 1 long black skirt, 1 white high-collared shirt, 1 pair white gloves, 1 ‘Votes For Women’ sash, 1 straw cloche hat

Great for... feminist fist bumps  

15) Johnny Depp in Black Mass

You will need: 1 pair high-cut jeans, 1 white teeshirt, 1 quilted leather jacket, 1 receding hairline cap (unless you have one already - in which case just slick it all back), 1 gold necklace

Great for... on-the-pulse film buffs 

16) Cookie From Empire

You will need: 1 mini dress (see Balmain for inspiration), 1 fur jacket, 1 towering pair of heels, 1 blingy designer bag, 1 pair gold earrings, 1 red lipstick

Great for... an excuse to look glamorous 

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