Culottes For Short Women: 8 Tips That'll Mean You CAN Wear Them

Culottes For Short Women: 8 Tips That'll Mean You CAN Wear Them

Culottes are NOT trousers, but for those inching close to five foot in height it can be a fine line. Here are our top tips on wearing culottes for short women...

Culottes are that tricky trend that rears its head every once in a while, casting aside the trouser and overshadowing the short as the trend of choice for covering your derriere. But for those of us who are closer to five-foot-nothing (Kylie Minogue, we salute you), 2015’s culottes can look more child’s full-length trouser than chic trend. That vast expanse of fabric doesn’t help our proportional problems, either.

So what’s a fashion-conscious girl to do? Stick to skinny jeans and leave crisp culottes as a distant dream? We don’t think so. You just need our tips on how to wear culottes for the petite woman, so pick up a pair and get reading...

1. Try it on! Things can look so different on your body than flat on a hanger, so make the trek to the changing room and take a look in the mirror. You might be surprised.

2. If things are still too long, try the Petite section. It’s there for a reason, and often has exclusive designs not available in the other ranges. Lucky us!

3. Know where your hemline should hit. Taller ladies should go for a mid-calf length, but a safer bet for petites is just below the knee. If you do choose a longer length…

4. Heels are a must. All that fabric needs a little lift, so choose a style with substance. Go for ‘70s block heels or sleek pointed pumps – the culotte is made for showing off your fancy footwork. 

5. If you do wear flats, make them pointed. We have to be realistic here, heels aren’t always ideal for running around on public transport or tottering about at summer BBQs. Just make those flats slim and pointed to elongate legs.  

6. Do not wear tights. No matter how cold it is. TAKE. THEM. OFF. 

7. Choose ‘adult’ fabrics. Printed cotton culottes only add to the potentially child-like effect of being short (please tell us again how our baby sister looks older than us), so opt for luxe linen, faux-suede and bold, graphic patterns if you’re rocking culottes for work.

8. And finally, balance the volume of the bottoms with a defined waist. Choose a cropped top or fine-knit jumper, or tuck in a sleek blouse. Match prints or fabrics for a jumpsuit effect.

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