Is ‘big’ a bad word? When it comes to our bodies, we always seem to want things to be smaller and slimmer, suffering through Spanx to hold everything in. Well, everything except for boobs, bums and lips. As Khloe Kardashian once said, ‘nobody ever wrote a song about a small ass’. 

But when you think about it, is a bigger body really all that bad? There are so many things in life where large is definitely preferable to petite, and it’s about time we started to feel the same about our bodies. So what if you aren’t a size 6 (and so what if you are?!), your body is perfection just the way it is, so stop wishing you could shrink. Thick thighs save lives, remember!

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To remind you that big isn’t a dirty word, we’ve rounded up 15 things where bigger pretty much always means better. 

1. Quadruple zeros on your bank balance

2. A magnum of vintage champagne (hold the glass)

3. King-size beds with cloud-like fluffy pillows to snuggle down into

4. Big, bouncy blow-dries – see-ya, limp locks!

5. Seven-tiers of a Victoria sponge, with supersized strawberries on top

6. Six bedrooms, five bathrooms and a private cinema, in your mansion

7. Screens – blockbusters look better on Imax over iPhone, any day

8. XL pizza, with garlic bread and spicy wedges. There’s two of us, I promise…

9. Sinking into a tub of bubbles is always better when there’s room to spare

10. A garden big enough to grow your own apple tree

11. Smile! The bigger, the better

12. Enough leg-room to stretch out on an overnight flight

13. An Olympic-length pool… in your back garden

14. What size Chardonnay? ALWAYS large

15. And lastly? YOU. Your body is beautiful, just the way it is

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