Why Everyone From Alexa Chung To Harry Styles Loves Gucci

Why Everyone From Alexa Chung To Harry Styles Loves Gucci
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The glamorous geek-chic style that’s a surprising hit with celebrities - and with the powers at Westminster Abbey, too

Since Alessandro Michele took the helm at Gucci, a mere eight months before his second mainline women’s collection in September, it’s become the hottest show in Milan. His trademark geek chic was ramped up to disco factor with glitter glasses, bauble earrings and lurex knitwear. It wasn’t just the clothes that were amazing; our invitations to the show were made of beautiful pink lace and the catwalk was a carpet covered in snakes and flowers, designed by Mr Michele himself. We loved everything about this collection.

And it’s not just us; Gucci’s new threads are now a favourite with a whole host of top celebrities, too. Everyone from Alexa Chung to Carey Mulligan has been embracing Michele’s eccentric, bold styles. Even Harry Styles was spotted wearing a floral Gucci suit during One Direction’s performance on the X-Factor final (and very rock ‘n’ roll he looked in it, too).

Now - in the coolest catwalk news we've heard in a long time - Gucci will be showing its Cruise show at Westminster Abbey! That the label was allowed to use the 1,000-year-old building, Alessandro called 'magical'. We can't wait - from K-Middy's wedding to this… How fabulous.

Of course, celebrities wear their Gucci looks in their own style rather than the exaggerated way they appear on the catwalk. Here are some of our favourites…

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