“I Used To Work In Peacocks To Afford Topshop!” Meet The FROWERS at The Topshop Show


In a special Joshington Hosts, our Fashion and Celebrity Director, Josh Newis-Smith sashayed to the Topshop show to meet the FROWERs and shop their looks...

Topshop has become as influential at London Fashion Fashion week as it is on the local high street and so it’s no surprise that the A-list are falling over themselves to FROW at the show.

And boy, oh, boy were the FROWERS in for treat as the super (sassy) models, including Jourdan Dunn and Joan Smalls, sashayed for their lives in the ultimate going out OUT clobber. Taking reveal and conceal to new levels, the pair WERKED floor length silk gowns with a light dusting of crystals, cut-out panels and, of course, beyond sexy split hems.


It seemed only right that the collection - which wouldn’t go amiss in Cher’s wardrobe at the height of her 1970s fame - hit the runway in Soho, London’s ultimate party district. Of course, the Topshop girl has her usual air of nonchalance: “I am looking sass AF and what?!” would have been an apt caption for streams of silky and seductive looks.

However, the likes of BAFTA winner Georgina Campbell weren’t so nonchalant about hitting the Topshop Front Row for the first time: “I love Topshop,” she exclaimed, “I used to work in Peacocks, just so I could afford to buy the stuff I wanted from Topshop!” You have got to admire the girl’s commitment to chic clobber!


Talking to our girl crush of the moment, Zawe Ashton, our Joshington Hosts asked the Fresh Meat actress for her fondest Topshop memory: “The work experience trouser with the boot flare was a real moment for me.” Fresh from working with Tom Ford in a scene-stealing cameo in Nocturnal Animals, Zawe certainly has been influenced by the designer turned filmmaker. “The most surprising thing about him is just how nice he is and how caring he is of everyone around him. His attention to detail is so incredible and that is something I have taken away from the experience!”

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But, back to the FROW fashion. The best thing about the Topshop FROW is you can shop the celebrity looks RIGHT NOW and they won’t blow your budget. Here are our favourite looks you can shop now…

Jessie Ware Less Than Wildest Moment


Shop Jessie Ware's £140 Coat, £55 Jeans, £56 Shoes

Chelsea Leyland's Perfect Pink Boots


Shop Chelsea's £49 Boots and £29 Denim Skirt

Olivia's Kicking Knits


Shop Olivia's skirt in stores now and her £90 knitted jumper.

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