31 Signs It Must Be January

31 Signs It Must Be January

Here's how you know it's definitely the first month of the year...



1. You check your bank balance with one eye closed. As it loads you press cancel.

2. You know exactly what day and even time your next pay check arrives




3. You take a packed lunch to work. This hasn't happened since year 7.

4. You can't believe you ever bought lunch in Itsu. "Maki rolls are how much?"

5. Even the Tesco meal deal is sounding expensive

6. Beans on toast and a baked potato with beans have become your go-to dinner

7. The same go for eggs. Scrambled, poached, fried, omelettes and baked. Who knew there way so many different things you could do with them?




8. Everyone is talking about #DryJanuary.

9. You contemplate doing #DryJanuary, not for health reasons but as a money saving strategy.

10. You find a bottle of cheap cava leftover from the Christmas party under your desk and decide #DryJanuary is definitely not happening.




11. You are putting off watching Making of A Murderer until the weekend so you have something to do on Saturday night.

12. You wake up on Sunday without a hangover.

13. You've already re-downloaded Tinder and Happn after deleting them on New Years Day.

14. You can't afford to join Guardian Soulmates until February.




15. You've spent at least half a working day, social media stalking that guy you hooked up with on New Year's eve.

16. You've googled gym memberships.

17. Your resolution to go for a run before work is yet to happen

18. Your resolution to walk to work has happened once. 




19. You've swapped your daily Starbucks habit for those free coffee sachets in the office kitchen

20. You question if you and your boyfriends entire social life is based around the pub

21. You cut out carbs, sugar and caffeine. When a box of Hummingbird cupcakes arrives to the office two days later you cave. 




22. There's a box of detox tea on your desk. 

23. Your evenings are spent browsing sky scanner for cheap flights. 

24. You've worked out when every bank holiday falls and requested the Friday before each one off. Hello four day weekend.

25. There are queues for the treadmills at the gym. 

26. Your usual Sunday afternoon yoga class is fully booked. 

27. Your Twitter and Facebook feed is a combination of newbies posting about their new gym regime and regulars moaning about all the newbies.

28. You've bought new gym leggings. You've only worn them to slob out in on the sofa after work. 

29. You've downloaded the Headspace app.

30. You've gagged on a green juice. 

31. You're avoiding skinny jeans. 




32. You've unfollowed a fashion blogger who keep posting smug holiday #selfies from Tulum. 

33. There's Easter eggs in M&S.

34. Come payday you blow a month's wages in 3 days. 



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