Thigh High Boots: Why You Need To Own A Pair

Thigh High Boots: Why You Need To Own A Pair

Thigh boots are classically stylish, eternally sexy and the perfect boot for cold weather.

I am eternally lusting after thigh boots. It’s the love affair that never dies. I’m not sure if Kate Moss or Anita Pallenberg are to blame, or whether it is just that they are so inherently sexy. All styles of thigh boots have the same effect when added to your wardrobe, whether it's a skin tight uber sexy pair, or a slightly loose 60s style with a little block heel.

Wear them with an A-line mini and thick opaque tights, or with very tight high waisted jeans (put your socks over your jeans inside the boots (no one will know) to ensure your jeans don’t roll up). Try to stick to dark colours: the boots are enough of a statement already. To avoid looking like a mum on the school run, make sure there is a little bit of a heel, and don’t pair with anything that looks remotely like you could be going on a dog walk. A leopard print overcoat, a la Kate, will do just nicely.

Here are my favourite pairs available in the stores right now:





Left: Collide Suede High Leg Boots £130 from Topshop. Right: Office Nouveau suede thigh high boots £84



Left: Tamara Mellon Dream Stretch-Suede Thigh Boots £1395 from Net-a-Porter. Right: Opening Ceremony Thigh High Suede Boots £540 from Farfetch






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