The Collarbone Challenge: Another Ridiculous Body Shaming Trend

The Collarbone Challenge: Another Ridiculous Body Shaming Trend

Why the #collarbonechallenge joins a long list of silly body shaming trends...

First there was the thigh gap, then came the bikini bridge quickly followed by the bellybutton challenge and now joining the list of pointless body shaming trends comes the collarbone challenge. The "challenge" which began on the Chinese social networking site Weibo, sees women upload selfies showing how many coins they can stack along their collarbone with the hashtag #collarbonechallenge. Why? Well, according to the Chinese language site Sina News being able to do it means that your body is 'skinny and sexy.' 



One of the most popular images is of Chinese actress Lv Jiarong, who uploaded this picture of herself balancing more than 80 coins on her collarbone to her Weibo account. Sadly, so far the challange has amassed more than 34 million hits on Weibo since it started on June 16 and it's now beginning to take off on Instagram too with 341 images to date. Although, it may seem like a bit of harmless fun, this type of challenge is part of a worrying trend of body shaming via social media. Think about it, if you're self-consciousus about your weight or suffer from body image disorders, then the last thing you need to see popping up on your Instagram feed is these type of images that can promote dangerous behaviour. You'd look pretty ridiculous if you approached someone on the street and challenged them to this so why should it be ok on the Internet? Plus we can think of much better things we'd rather be doing such as making money rather than stacking it along our clavicles.  




However, thankfully not everyone is taking it quite so seriously and it's leading to some hilarious spin-offs.

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我们都可以! 简单~ #collarbonechallenge

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