Being A Wedding Guest Will Cost You HOW Much?

Being A Wedding Guest Will Cost You HOW Much?

You know that designer bag you’ve been coveting? It could have been yours WITH change to spare…

There’s no getting away from wedding season. Whether you love it or loathe it, a LOT of your weekends from May to September are going to be written off with nuptials, until even the most enthused wedding guest can take no more. And that doesn’t even begin to consider the couples that choose tie the knot outside of peak season.

Regardless, with the knowledge that you have or will one day walk down the aisle yourself, you sit back and bear the hour-long services, hymns and general fuss of the day comfortable with the knowledge that it was or will be your turn.

However, the implications of being a doting wedding guest run deeper than your time. It’s no secret that weddings are costly, and can set you back a fair bit. However, once you actually look at the numbers you’re spending on someone else’s big day, it’s enough to reduce you to tears.

Insurance specialist Policy Expert has totted up what the typical wedding guest spends on a friend or family members wedding, and the figures are staggering. You may want to sit down for this if you’re not already…

In a recent survey, the company found that the average cost of being a guest at a wedding is over £600. That’s PER WEDDING. Never has the word elope sounded so appealing, huh?

Looking more closely at the results, it’s been found that the average UK wedding guest will rack up a total spend of £644 on gifts, food, new clothes, accommodation, travel and stag and hen dos for the wedding, with more than a third even splashing out on engagement presents on top of the big day. If that’s you, you’re probably looking at £700 for each set of ‘I Do’s’. Yikes.

It goes without saying that this figure only rises the closer you are to the bride and groom. Unsurprisingly, parents of the VERY lucky couple splurge the most at their children’s weddings – spending over £700 on presents alone. Grandparents are next in line, spending around £245, followed by £144 for siblings, £78 from aunts and uncles and £57 for close friends. 

Maybe it’s time to start thinking out reigning in your friendship group? Just a suggestion...

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