Everything You Need For Inbetween-y Weather

Everything You Need For Inbetween-y Weather

Furry Birks? Sleeveless knits? The items you need in your wardrobe to get you through inbetween-y weather...

When Birkenstock brought out its furry Arizona sandals last year (an answer to Pheobe Philo’s real fur versions on the Celine catwalk a few seasons ago), we were delighted, but puzzled. ‘A sandal…with FURRY bits?” we mused. “When on earth will it be the right weather to wear THOSE?”. Sure, they felt dreamy on your feet with their sheepskin lining, but wasn’t it going to be like wearing your slippers out? Won’t we be mocked by 99% of the population? Won’t our feet sweat? (well no, actually, because wool has self-regulating qualities as far as your body temperature is concerned, so they will actually keep your feet cool when it's hot, but that’s by the by).

Birkenstock Arizona sandals, £114.95, Birkenstock.co.uk

At this time of year it's really hard to know what to wear. Hot and sunny one day, cold and raining the next. In fact, it's not unusual to have day after day of grey skies and temperatures in the low teens all year-round, rather endless blue skies and mid-thirties heat waves in the summer, and cold wind worthy of woolly hats and scarves in the winter. This is where your sheepskin Birkenstocks come into their own – they keep your feet warm in the cold summer, and prevent them from overheating in the warm winter. Genius. 

Your Swinter wardrobe, as we've been calling it (it's summer AND winter in one, geddit?!) should also include culottes (AKA warm shorts), sleeveless or short-sleeved knitwear (AKA warm T-shirts), denim pinafore dresses (to sling over a skinny grey marl sweater) and at least one knee-length leather or suede skirt (brilliant when there’s a wind chill; won’t embarrassingly end up over your head in an unexpected gust). As well as your furry Birks, keep your eyes peeled for sandals in “winter” fabrics (preferably grey wool or black and fluffy) to wear with ankle socks while it's only just warm enough for bare legs weather, and always keep a beanie handy (great for covering hair that's gone haywire in the wind). Although, to be honest, we'd rather it just got properly sunny...

Finery London culottes, £55, finerylondon.com

Uterque knitted T-shirt, £70, uterque.com

ASOS pinafore dress, £25, asos.com

& Other Stories leather skirt, £145, stories.com

Zara furry sandals, £29.99, zara.com

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