Admit It, Did You Post One Of These On Instagram This Summer?

Admit It, Did You Post One Of These On Instagram This Summer?

Has there ever been a dreamier pairing than summer and Instagram? Four words: made for each other… And no, there hasn’t.

According to Instagram, the warmer months are nothing less than a blissful haze of glitter-heavy festivals, tropical getaways, colourful cocktails, and killer bikinis. All set against a permanent backdrop of pink walls, palm tree littered beaches, and budding rose bushes (of course).

Even if we’re actually in the office for 87% of the season, and not always in wedgie-inducing beach attire, we still live summer through the ‘gram, always. So when we do get away, oh baby, those scenes are getting documented, because, if it didn’t go on Instagram, did it even happen?

TL;DR: There’s a mathematical formula that equals hella likes, and it involves palm trees + heavy glitter + animal/food shaped pool floats.

So here are the ten clichés we shamelessly can’t stop liking/posting on Instagram this summer…

1. The Froze Clink Boomerang


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Otherwise known as the ‘I’m having a lot of fun somewhere fancy’ boomerang. Easy enough to recreate even with the least amount of creative skill. The cocktail clink is a summer staple.

2. The Braided Hair x Sunnies Selfie

one ✨

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AKA the ‘My ASOS order arrived and these are my new sunglasses.’ A personal favourite, this gram says: I’m sassy - and it’s only right that people know that.

3. The Hair x Hands Travel ‘Gram

Can't wait to get back to this part of the 🌏 next year with @busabouteurope #busabout #eurotrip2017 #freespirited

A post shared by ELLIE BULLEN (@elsas_wholesomelife) on

Instagram gold, the Hair x Hands Travel ‘Gram, otherwise known as the ‘look where I am’ ‘gram sends a message that you are exotic and interesting. Go you. Like. Like. Like.

4. The Basket Bag x Beach ‘Gram

The essentials 🍋📷 @tilfrances

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Post an outfit 'gram that included the must-have of the summer? Likes for days. Also known by some as the ‘look at my new beach bag. Look at it!’ Bonus points for monogrammed baskets.

5. The Glitter Boobs Festival Selfie


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Coachella? Ibiza? You’ll want glitter boobs. The trend of Glasto 2017 – also know as the ‘I party hard’ ‘gram.

6. The Rose Gold Flamingo Float

Options include gold, white and pink and floats can vary between animals and foods. Either way, post a ‘gram of you lounging on one and you’ve made it. Known by some as the ‘I take Instagram and my holidays seriously’ ‘gram.

7. The Flower Field Shot

Stand out from the crowd ☼🌻

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People on Insta come across flower fields more often that others, and in these situations it’s got to be captured for the ‘gram. Referred to by some as the ‘I spend my Sundays like a Disney character’ ‘gram. Always a winner in summer…

8. The Hand Holding One

Last day in the Maldives - where shall we go next? 🍑🐠🐟

A post shared by JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel) on

The ultimate #couplegoals ‘gram, this one can be created with anyone regardless of how romantically attached you are to them. One of the most candid looking non-candid ‘grams out there, the hand-holder is crazy likeable. AKA the ‘aren’t we romantic?’ ‘gram.

9. The Flower Wall

Flawless outfit? Check. Hair and make-up on fleek? Check. Find your self a shoot-worthy backdrop and you’re laughing. Otherwise known as the ‘I vacate in beautiful places and am totally chic’ ‘gram.

10. The Ice-Cream x Outfit ‘Gram

Ice-cream time with my darling👅🍦❤️ can't wait for our adventures this fall/winter!

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Rule #10 of the gram: food is instagrammable before it is edible. Snap a colourful cone against a summery LOTD and your feed is fire. Known by some as the ‘I am arty’ ‘gram.

Hands up if you're guilty...

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