Style Out Winter Weekends With Our Day-To-Night Edit

Style Out Winter Weekends With Our Day-To-Night Edit
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Christmas shopping, wintry walks in the park, ice skating; winter weekends are always jam-packed with things to do in the day, and let's not forget that the evenings are just as busy. That's why, this year, we're going to make sure we've got our day-to-night look covered...

While we're not denying that some invitations demand the full party prep at home, on those occasions when you've spent the day out and about and you want the fun to continue by going out for a nice meal or drinks and dancing it's nice to know your outfit will carry you through.

It's at these times particularly that jewellery is your style ally. Keep your outfit simple and sleek - a silky black tee, black skinny jeans, an on-trend poncho - and let some day-to-night Swarovski pieces do the hard work. We love the Stardust Deluxe Bracelets because you can stack them as you please, perhaps wearing just one in the day and adding in another one or two for evening. The Swarovski Circlet Hooped Earrings are great, too. The perfect day-to-night size, the crystal Pointiage® will capture every last drop of light.

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