Wait-List Worthy Pieces From The Most Fashionable Girls On Instagram

Wait-List Worthy Pieces From The Most Fashionable Girls On Instagram
Camille Charrière, Leonie Hanne and Veronika Heilbrunner

They’ve got 2 million followers between them and have spent the last four weeks zooming to every fashion show on the planet. Plus they know exactly what it takes to get noticed. Start your AW17 shopping list now...

Veronika Heilbrunner...The German stylist turned influencer on crocs, corduroy and cheap coat tricks…


A dress from The Row

The Row Autumn Winter 2017

‘The Row is so chic. They had amazing boots, I loved the heavy hiking ones. And the chunky lace-ups. In fantasy land I would wear everything. On my wish list is the long sleeve high-neck silver dress. It’s chic but simple.’

A Calvin Klein Denim Jacket

Alessandro Lucioni

‘I loved the whole American heritage theme at Calvin Klein, from the kilt to the army stripes and the flares. But I was more into the men’s looks. I wear men’s clothing quite a lot. I prefer to wear things that are little bit oversized or longer. As I’m already so tall if I wear something short I can look like an out-grown baby! Like a Gucci womenswear blouse sleeve is up to my elbow so I’ll go for the men’s version instead. At Calvin Klein I really want one of those denim looks.’

Christopher Kane Crocs

Christopher Kane Autumn Winter 2017

‘I already have a pair of the Christopher Kane embellished crocs and now I want the fur ones he did for next season. I wore the pair I have at couture week in Paris. But only to breakfast with a pair of tennis socks. It was too cold to wear them outside but I will once it gets warmer.’

A Prada Corduroy Suit

Daniele Oberrauch

‘Corduroy is everywhere so I really want to try that trend. I’ll probably do it like it was done at the Prada’s menswear show. A full on suit in mustard or red or black would be awesome too. I’d wear it a little bit baggy and team it with an old t-shirt. And then cinch it with a furry belt.’

Red And Pink At Preen

Matteo Volta

‘I do like to wear colour but only in one piece. I think it’s important to concentrate on one cool thing and build your outfit around that. My own styling rule is when I look in the mirror, I need to feel cool. I don’t want to feel look like I look really dressed up or trying too hard. I just want to feel like myself.’

A Prada Shell Necklace

Prada Autumn Winter 2017

‘For accessories there is no end to the earrings trends and also chokers. I liked the red pearl ones at Valentino. And also the shell necklaces at Prada. You could even do your own DIY version. I’d wear it with a Granny dress and boots.’

A Balenciaga Coat

Filippo Fior

‘Styling wise I won’t be wearing my coat shrugged off the shoulders anymore. I’ve been doing it for years but now everyone is and it just looks too done. Instead I liked the ones at Balenciaga, they were unevenly buttoned up on the side. Balenciaga basically decide how everyone will be wearing and styling pieces. You can do this one without buying anything. It’s a really cheap update for autumn winter 2017.’













Leonie Hanne AKA @OhhCouture will be playing with layers come autumn winter 2017


A Tory Burch Coat

Tory Burch Autumn Winter 2017

‘Sometimes a designer has one theme or one colour scheme that they stick to but I loved at Tory Burch that it was all different. It was almost Gossip Girl style. My absolute favorite was a fluffy white coat that I would have loved to snatch right of the runway!’

Shearling From Zimmerman

Zimmermann Autumn Winter 2017

‘Autumn winter is my favourite season. You can wear so much more. I love layering different fabrics. So Zimmerman was my perfect show. They did lots of mixing of lace or feminine or floral dresses with a big shearling. I can’t wait to try this look.’

A Coat From Michael Kors

Michael Kors Autumn Winter 2017

‘This was my first time attending the Michael Kors show. Again I loved the oversized layering looks. He stuck to his usual colour scheme of beige and tans but I liked the ones where he mixed the different textures the best.’

Malone Souliers Boots

Malone Souliers Autumn Winter 2017

‘Shoes wise I loved discovering Malone Souliers. I really liked the Asian elements, the velvet and the different shapes. I’m going to get the velvet mules in a yellow shade, with have metallic pink element to them plus the lace-up over the knee boots.’

A Balenciaga Jacket

Filippo Fior

‘Big jackets aren’t going anywhere. It’s a really simple styling trick for autumn winter too. I loved the ones at Balenciaga that had the backpacks attached. Style wise for me it’s important to know my body-shape and stay true to what works for it. I like to emphasize my legs then play with volume on top.’


Camille Charrière...The Parisian born, London based blogger on colour-blocking, slogan tees and those Fendi thigh high boots…


I plaid guilty 🕵🏼‍♀️

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Everything From Rosie Assoulin

Rosie Assoulin

‘I like Rosie Assoulin’s stuff because she doesn’t copy anyone else. Her collection is exceptional. Like lots of colours, crystals, the shapes and it’s always so bright, the cast is eclectic. It really is fashion with a capital F. And a lot of designers nowadays are just making clothes. And it’s a bit repetitive. And she’s definitely not that.’

A Jospeh One-Piece

Joseph Autumn Winter 2017

‘I really want this one piece from Joseph. I love the exposed stitching. It’s very wearable. It’s very boyish, loose fitting and not figure-skimming. I also loved the concept of the show too. It was all about the more you wear, the more the clothes start wearing you and the more you start becoming weighed down by everything. And you don’t need that much to be happy. And that’s true, it doesn’t have to be super complicated.’

A Saint Laurent Dress

Saint Laurent Autumn Winter 2017

‘There was a dress at Saint Laurent that I would go pinch! It’s velvet, floor length with a slit up to the thigh with crystals and then worn with crystal boots. It‘s so sexy. The show felt like him (Anthony Vaccarello) but Saint Laurent as well. And it was all stuff I’d want to wear.’

Fendi Thigh High Boots

Fendi Autumn Winter 2017

‘Fendi was exceptional this season. I need these thigh high red boots. And the white trench coat. I need to figure out how I’d wear them but maybe with the trench coat. They are super sexy but still look very luxurious. I loved the head to toe red looks at Max Mara. It’s fun! I would definitely get a red coat. It’s something I could wear rather than just fantasize about wearing.’

A Ralph Lauren Dress

Ralph Lauren Autumn Winter 2017

‘Trends wise purple is going to be everywhere. I’ve been wearing purple earrings as nod to trend. It started with this lilac dress at Ralph Lauren. And I think that’s how I would wear, like for an evening event. I think if you’re not comfortable with colour on a day to day basis then why not go all out on an evening instead. Then you can be a little bit more playful.’

A Prabal Gurung T-Shirt

Prabal Gurung Autumn Winter 2017

‘Slogan t-shirts are also a massive trend. Like the ones at Prabal and Topshop did them too. I think it’s really refreshing to see. People need to remember that just because you work in fashion it doesn’t mean you don’t live in the real world and that you can’t have an opinion about politics.’

Shirt Styling


Down to the ribons🎀 #supersynchro

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‘My friend Irina Lakicevic and I both rocked up to J.W. Anderson with different shirts styled similarly. And this is going to be a big styling trend. I was wearing Regina Pyo and she was wearing J.W Anderson and I think that’s what made it special. We had styled it ourselves, the same without knowing we were going to. So next season it won’t be about the shirt-sleeves or the knotting or the way it’s tied. Instead, it will be all about how it hangs or is worn off the shoulders.’

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