Start Your Day The Right Way With These Style Essentials

Start Your Day The Right Way With These Style Essentials
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You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but in our hectic schedules it can be difficult to make suitable time for it. Whether it’s a coffee-on-the-go morning or you’ve got a breakfast meeting for work, make breakfast time count in the style stakes this summer by completing your look with jewellery pieces that will convey the ultimate in contemporary chic.

Make the foundations of your look a smart-casual pairing of on-trend jeans – the fashion editors can’t get enough of (mis)treated denim – a bright white top and a tailored blazer, then choosing between buffed leather sandals and neat pointed pumps dependant on the day head. Finally add Swarovski’s Circlet Strandage Necklace taking note of the impact the exquisite piece has on your overall ensemble.

While we’re not suggesting you rush breakfast, it’s important to be able to keep tabs on time so we’ll ensure Swarovski’s Crystalline Oval Watch is on our wrist, and accompanied by one of the brand’s
Slake Duo Bracelets for a look that is relaxed yet glamorous all at once.

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