Chanel AW14, Paris Fashion Week

Chanel AW14, Paris Fashion Week
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Chanel AW14 takes us on a witty French shopping trip at Paris Fashion Week, courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld...

Chanel AW14 was never going to be just another pretty, dimly lit - beautiful, don't get us wrong - but conformative fashion show.

Karl Lagerfeld's latest work of art is both humorous and directional with an absolute wearability, but what's more it's set amongst its very own supermarket. Kudos to Karl.

The French fashion house sent its fierce faces down and around a faux store, shopping for tweed tea and cola as they showcased the line's cool, youthful mix of crop tops, sweatpants and the coveted Chanel sneaker all contrasted with classic tweed coats.

It has to be seen to be believed, enjoyed and then talked about for the rest of Paris Fashion Week, of course...

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