See How Team InStyle Does Hot Feminism

See How Team InStyle Does Hot Feminism

To celebrate the release of Polly Vernon’s brilliant new book – Hot Feminist – we took to the InStyle photo booth in our hottest feminist outfits

So you can be hot AND a feminist? Well, according to Polly Vernon, author of the new book Hot Feminist which is published today, you totally can. Who decided that caring about your appearance makes you any less of a feminist, anyway? Not us. And definitely not Polly.

Put simply, hot feminism is pretty much about being who you want to be and looking how you want to look but still caring about equal rights for women. Because what could be more empowering than that? So if staying slim is your thing, no problem. Fond of a low-cut top? Sure thing – put those puppies on show. Prefer dressing more like a 1960s guy than a 2010s gal? Go for your life.

If you want to get your hands on Polly’s brilliant new book, it’s published by Hodder and Stoughton, £14.99 at Amazon, and is out now.

Charlotte Moore, editor

“I've always thought Isabel Marant was queen of understated sexy and surely all hot feminists want a bit of that, which is why I wore her today.”

Emily Dean, deputy editor

“I'm wearing a tea dress and Zara platforms but I've toughened it up with a Calvin Klein bomber  - it's sort of yes I'm feminine but really, don't mess. Which is what Hot Feminism is all about to me”

Hannah Rochell, fashion features editor

“I am wearing snazzy socks and flat shoes like a dapper gentleman and I don't care! For me, that’s what hot feminism is all about”

Charlie Hall, senior picture editor

"I like strong classic shapes and silhouettes but the fabrics tend to be more feminine."

Lulu Wentworth, senior fashion assistant

“I basically live in men’s tracksuit pants, maybe its my boyish figure but I definitely feel my best when I'm wearing men’s clothes.”

Chloe Mac Donnell, editorial assistant

"I wear heels because I actually want to."

Isabella Silvers, features intern

“I'm a hot feminist because I can pair my sweet lacey top with a siren red lip and skintight black jeans – why be one type of woman when you can be all three at the same time? “

Phoebe Sing, senior designer

"I favour androgynous pieces like my schoolboy jumper. But I still like a fitted trouser and tee that show my figure."

George Driver, beauty assistant

“I'm dressed like a hot feminist because I'm essentially wearing a burlap sack and I'm pretty happy with it! A baggy printed top and frayed jeans are MY kind of casual. Bodycon who? “

Emma Hargadon, fashion assistant

“I’m wearing camo today, so naturally am feeling like a tough army chick and loving it. “

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