One Blazer, Five Ways: The Fashion Blogger's Go-To Piece

One Blazer, Five Ways: The Fashion Blogger's Go-To Piece

From boyfriend jeans to breton stripes, when it comes to a Saint Laurent blazer the styling options are endless...



When it comes to iconic fashion pieces it doesn't get better than a YSL Le Smoking jacket. When the designer Yves Saint Laurent first showed it as part of his 1966 Pop Art collection it drew a lot of raised eyebrows and criticism. Although, the swinging sixities was well under-way, Saint Laurent's dinner jacket in wool or satin with matching trousers was still seen by a lot as being completly inappropriate for women to wear. The legendary New York socialite Nan Kempner was famously turned away from Le Cote Basque in NYC whilst wearing it, with the restaurant manager declaring the look as unsuitable as a bathing suit. Nan's response? She removed the trousers and waltzed into the restaurant in the jacket as short mini dress instead. Since then it's gone on to don the shoulders of all the fashion greats including Catherine Deneuve, Lauren Bacall and Bianca Jagger. To celebrate its iconic history this fashion month Vestiaire Collective asked five of the biggest fashion bloggers to style it their way, in their home city. From Lucy Williams slinging it over a casual Breton stripe in London to Nike van Dinther teaming her with cropped jeans in Berlin or Patricia Manfield going for a much more daring look in Milan - one things for sure, the Le Smoking's appeal shows no sign of slowing down. Check out the photos below to see how they wear it... 


Celine in Stockholm:

"During Fashion Week I styled this iconic YSL jacket with a pair of vintage Levis, and a pair of open toe heels. I think the mix makes it effortless."




Adenorah in Paris:

"The Saint Laurent smoking jacket is an absolute classic which immediately makes you feel chic and elegant, but I like to mix it up with jeans and heels to give it a modern feel." 


Nike van Dinther in Berlin:

"I am super obsessed with the idea of styling clean classics with flamboyant shoes. When I was wearing the Saint Laurent Blazer I immediately felt like a true girlboss, but didn’t want to express it the typical High Heel-way. The only thing missing to make a statement therefore were those mega empowering MSGM city cowgirl shoes.“ 


Patricia Manfield

Patricia Manfield in Milan: 

"What I call iconic is the YSL blazer. I think there’s nothing sexier than a woman wearing it with nothing underneath but her beautiful skin."



Lucy Williams in London:

"The Saint Laurent blazer. Simple, classic and yet never fails to feel great, especially when teamed with other essentials like vintage Levis and block-heeled ankle boots."


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