EXCLUSIVE: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Shows Off Baby Bump In Seoul

EXCLUSIVE: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Shows Off Baby Bump In Seoul
rosie huntington-whiteley pregnant

Rosie is blooming babe'ing...

The style set have sashayed into Seoul Fashion Week to profile South Korea’s take on the autumn/winter 2017 collections. We're on the ground bringing you all the latest runway reports, best beauty bits and street style stars. Here’s everything you NEED to know about Korean Fashion…

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Unveils Her Baby Bump

FROW moments don’t tend to be more blooming than this… Rosie Huntington-Whiteley unveiled her baby bump this evening at Seoul Fashion Week. Talking backstage the model, who is pregnant with her first child via Jason Statham, said she is, ‘enjoying being pregnant.’ We couldn’t agree more, Rosie is looking blooming marvellous!

If you want to keep up with Korea here's what else has happened at Seoul Fashion Week's autumn/winter 2017 collections...

YCH’s Dynasty Dominatrix


Seoul seems to certainly love a few things: a powerful tailored silhouette, street wear, complex layering and never settling for just creating one piece, a humble tee must also be half jumper for instance. YCH embodied two of these with terrific tailored silhouettes and lashings of leather, except the designer introduced a dash of 80s into the mix to give this a very of the moment flavour. The resulting taste? Dynasty Domiatrix. Joan Collins could you carry of this strong shoulder and these bum bashing boots? Go on, we dare you.

KYE’s Apres Athletic Attire

seoul fashion week sneakers

KYE decided to combine two of the biggest footwear trends, the undeniable comeback of 90s kicks and the desire to walk around with half an animal on your foot. Naturally you team this with velvet joggers with spit hems at the front, lightly decorated with pearls. We shall christen this layering of loungewear as, après athletic attire. With so much alliteration involved it’s destined to take off… right?

FROWER of The Day

Three words: Only. In. Korea.

87MM’s Magic Menswear


We have spent much of our time in Seoul lusting after much of the menswear, but the outerwear at 87MM gave us multiple funny feelings down below. With a perfectly executed aviator jacket, long line leather double breasted coats and a checked oversized mac that just dusted the runway who can blame us?

Munsoo Kwon’s Super Market Three Piece


We have all wanted to nip to the supermarket or corner shop in the comfiest of clothes and today Munsoo Kwon created the perfect uniform to do so in: crushed velvet joggers with a matching zip through hoody and a cape, darling. With the runway decorated with American ‘Horse and Buggy’ warning signs the designer set the tone for an armish inspired collection, but given the Seoul affair with athlesiurewear it was the attire for an armish person who is a heavy gym goer. The accessory of choice was the centre piece of South Korean street style, the face mask. Except here it had extra tassles and was worn under the chin to represent the iconic Armish beard.

Nohke's Terrific Tailoring


Seoul designers certainly have a taste for tailoring. Every show turns to the tailor made, some with more success than others, almost as if to say, just because you are in Seoul don't expect the collection to be explicitly Asian in tone. However no one this week has quite mastered tailoring or shown more promise for the western market quite like Nohke. The centrepiece was undoubtedly the leather trousers of our actual dreams but these weren't just any leather trousers they were high waisted with a paper bag waist and a slight flare- literally dribbling! Elsewhere there was a brilliant blue oversized coat, pleated chockers for those who can’t quite let that accessory go just yet, shirts on steroids with oversized cuffs and of course a trench coat styled off one shoulder-but at least this one had ruffles so it was slightly different!

Moohoong's Hybrid Haberdashery


The haunting sound of the Lord's Prayer kickstarted Moohoong's show but just like all Seoul designers their lord is the art of layering. At times it's too complex to decipher and at others it appears to create new hybrid garments. At Moohoong mismatched fabrics including dog tooth and pinstripes were flung together to create dishevelled dresses and backs of shirts were stitched to the front panel of jumpers. For girls the real Korean take-away is the lessons you can learn from Seoul's menswear. In this unisex collection female models appeared in a series of layered looks that were directly stolen from the boys: long line bomber jackets jacked up skirts over trousers combos. It's so 00's- but at its most refined.

JWL's Anti-After Hours Attire



There is no party culture in Seoul, so it seems apt that it's designers have a certain distain for glamour. At JWL go-to party fabrics are treated with distrust, the centrepiece being a butchered lurex dress, slashed and dashed as if it had been caught in a blender. The party stopped after a mesh mini dress was placed over shirting and in walked a number of sophisticated coats with slight twists on the classic coat cocktail. Naturally this involved using belts to create slightly new takes on the trench and pea coats. If you are looking to pull something you will love forever, tap up JWL quickly as there will be plenty of people with their eyes on this prize.

Blindness Does Elizabethan Meets Puff Daddy Via Bowie (Yes. Really!)

Josh Newis-Smith

Those are three references you never really expect to see together in one melting pot but Blindness achieved just that in his forth Seoul Fashion Week showing. Showcasing gender fluid garments including sheer trousers lightly decorated with pearls, hem defying skirts, ruffled velvet two-pieces and gathered metallic dresses, on largely male models the collection’s only consistent punctuation came via glitter cowboy boots. In an explosion of intricate, well-executed disarray emerged a powder blue puffa jacket, which was thrown into the Elizabethan era with the introduction of a complex pearl necklace. Who said you couldn’t have the rough with the smooth? But if you are looking to update said puffa coat without resorting to pearls just wear it fastened on one side with the corresponding arm unleashed. Who needs to wear one’s coat properly any more any way (GRANDMA ALERT!).

Josh Newis-Smith

The Street Style Cuties

Josh Newis-Smith

Street style is usually left to the adults and in South Korea they certainly take it seriously with velvet, Champion and co-coordinated couples dressing presiding over the trends. However nothing receives more attention than the child stars parading outside the fashion week’s main venue, The DDP. Accompanied by, at times, pushy parents enticing their children to pose with bear ballons, everything from co-coordinated twin boys to faux fur five year olds continuously steal the spotlight.

Rocket Lunch’s Disparate Dressing


Mis-matched disparate clips containing the likes of Donald Trump being well, Donald Trump, to Clare Danes putting in a red carpet appearance at the Emmys, played out at the beginning of Rocket X Lunch’s runway efforts and set the tone for a collection based around bringing together the eclectic. Velour button down long length skirts were teamed with oversized aviator jackets and metallic hoodies were placed over double layered ribbed knit skirts, for instance for a whole new take on party dressing. It’s the anti party dressing if you will… or the garb for a literal garage party.

Bear Afros At PLF


It seems apt that Seoul opened its fashion week with a collection inspired by their main mascot, Line and Friends, a cuddly little bear which is basically Korea's answer to Hello Kitty. Aside from the Bjorn Borg inspired shorts - which brought a whole new meaning to batty bashers - and accompanying boldly coloured zip through jackets there was dashes of denim in the form of boxy jackets branded with bear motifs and a substantial side helping of early noughties realness. Bucket hats and paneled joggers marked yet another return to the time when N Sync reigned supreme and one model even molded his afro into bear ears… now that is dedication to the cause!

K-Pop Stars KO’ed The FROW


Now it’s not usually custom for FROWers to clap for every look or bow to every photographer who snaps them. But it is if you are a member of up-and-coming K-Pop (that’s Korean Pop, if you are not aware) boy band, 7 O’clock, who did exactly that for every single ruffled runway look at Greedilous, on the first full day of shows. In fact, it is custom here in Seoul to basically whoop and holler for anyone walking the runway… you don’t get this in Paris… but this is a fashion week ruled by millennials.

Skirting The Shirt At Bourie


Following the current norm for disrupting, well, the norm, in fashion, Bourie showcased a series of looks that deconstructed our usual dress codes. Disjointed jackets and belted striped shirtdresses were teamed together to tackle our typical takes on tailoring.

MÜNN’s Man’s Man


In an love letter of the lad culture back in London, Munn also continued in a direction towards the dysfunctional with braces appearing over blazers, buttons boldly travelling down the back of suit jackets and oversized scarves being wrapped around the necks of hoodies. The darling of the English dandy, dogtooth print, also put in a strong appearance alongside a denim parka that will be on the wish lists of English ladies soon, too. The trend for styling yourself as if you have been dressed in a freak tornado is certainly gathering pace in Seoul, with veteran Korean designer, Jinetok also showcasing dog tooth in an oversized tailored format with form-defying shoulders and the widest of trouser legs.

Putting The Athlete Into Athleisure Wear


Set to the soundtrack of Ghostbusters, Supercoma and Fleamadonna’s collaboration with Nike set the pace with their fresh takes on atheleisure wear. Those of you who like to brag at brunch, take note: Fleamadonna attached ruffled dresses to classic gym tops and joggers whilst Supercomma’s runway - heavily streamed by its models on Facebook live - pumped up the puffa jacket’s volume for a sprint to the finish on day two of Seoul Fashion Week.

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