Meet The Victoria’s Secret Model Who Went All Levels of Extra To Get Angel Status 

Meet The Victoria’s Secret Model Who Went All Levels of Extra To Get Angel Status 
Claire Rothstein

Thought Kaia Gerber was the model you needed to know at the moment? Think again. Step forward the Midlands lass who has the personality to match her booming voice, Alexina Graham. The model is swapping her humble beginnings in Nottingham for the Victoria’s Secret show in Shanghai this December after becoming the first red head to be cast in the iconic underwear show since Karen Elson in 2001. Talk about ginge power! 

But that isn’t the only thing that will catapult her onto billboards around the world. Having just secured a prominent place in Balmain’s L’Oreal campaign, Alexina is set to grab the headlines from Gigi  and co. with a seriously unique personality. Ladies and gentleman, we give you, Miss Alexina Graham, the model who just wants to go home to see her Mum. Awww…

“I slut dropped in my Victoria’s Secret casting. Beforehand my agent said: ‘Be yourself, bring the crazy Alexina to it.' I just thought that might be too much Alexina because I can be a bit too much sometimes. So I got to the casting and I did a normal walk and at the end I said to Ed and Monica (the Victoria’s Secret casting agents): ‘My agent said I should be more me but I turned it down a little.’ And they said: 'No, show us what you wanted to do.' So I did this whole floor drop and when I walked off I couldn’t believe I actually did it. The casting agents then just shouted at the other models: 'Whoever has to follow her, good luck!’ They filmed the whole thing so if that video comes out it’s going to be very embarrassing for me.”

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“Becoming an angel flies in the face of my school bullies. I can now say to them: ‘Look red heads are cool!’ I don’t really care any more but I just wish people would know that it hurts peoples feelings when you make fun of them for whatever it is - be it because of race, hair colour or anything.”

“I am working so hard on my ass! I actually have two different trainers already and I work out everyday so I am not changing my routine too much ahead of the Victoria’s Secret show. I’m very lucky because I have a great metabolism – it’s just a case of working on the ass now.”

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“Diversity in modelling is improving but people still look at me like I am a witch! I think it’s already got so much better compared to like two years ago. I think we’re going in the right direction. I was in Mexico once and everyone was staring at me and I thought it was just because I’m tall but when I asked they said it was because they genuinely thought I was a witch! Apparently redheads are seen as witches over there - how weird!”

“It’s taken ginger models so long to get attention because they’re just not very popular within the fashion industry - there are only a few of us and not all of us are seen as ‘high fashion’ enough. I guess when it came to being cast for Victoria’s Secret I went slightly against that stereotype which is good for me and hopefully I’ll pave the way for other redheads to be back in the show.”

“I am so passionate about red hair power! There are hardly any redheads in this industry and so the same ones get used all the time or we get pushed to the side. It’s funny when it got announced so many young girls were messaging me saying, ‘oh my god, I’ve been waiting for this, I’m so happy!’ It was really sweet so I got a bit emotional - I was so touched.”

“I’m one of those typical British people who wants to go home and see their Mum all the time. I can’t get enough of her rice and peas. It sounds disgusting but it’s honestly so good. As a child I loved that.”

“Olivier Rousteing is so down to earth. I met him on set for the Balmain x L’Oreal campaign and I couldn’t believe how nice he was. But he was great - he spoke to all of us. He’s also such a good champion of diversity and there were such a great range of models in the campaign. Olivier is very loyal to his models too which is great and makes you immediately feel part of this incredible Balmain family. ”

Alexina Graham is the face of L’Oreal x Balmain 

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